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    2017, August

    Creating a Healthy Environment
    0 Creating a Healthy Environment

    There are many healthy initiatives in today’s modern office. There is a greater emphasis on these initiatives to help companies reach higher levels of success. With more competition to attract and maintain quality employees, offering competitive salaries is only part of the package presented to people. The office environment is vitally important.

    Candidates for jobs are looking for flexible hours, pleasant offices, work out facilities, food service, and convenient locations. Some people are int...

    The Changing Office
    0 The Changing Office

    It’s not necessarily business as usual in today’s office.  It is clear that things are more casual from dress to how we speak to each other, to flexible hours. Although there is always a boss, people feel more comfortable with office relationships and a collaborative way of doing business. This is a big change from the way businesses were run years ago. 


    Collaborative vs. Corporate Furniture

    The days of cubical in every office is slowly coming to an end.  Many major companies still use cubi...

    Benefits of Bringing Your Pets to Work
    0 Benefits of Bringing Your Pets to Work

    Pets have been around for as long as any of us can remember.  They bring a smile to people’s faces and create a common bond among strangers.  Almost every pet owner is excited to see their pet, whether your furry friend is a dog, cat, or anything else, at the end of a long day.  However, why should one have to wait all day for their loyal pet companion to help improve their mood? 

    Pets have been in and around office settings for many years.  As I child, most people remember a Doctor’s office or...

    Top 5 Requirements for a Home Office
    0 Top 5 Requirements for a Home Office

    In today’s modern professional environment, working from home has become the mainstay for many major companies.  People are no longer spending 40 hours a week sitting in the same chair in the same room, but a large number of people only have professional furniture at one office location.  Most people have a professional office set up that allows them to be comfortable and productive while at the office, however, many people lack the proper furniture to ensure maximum productivity while working f...