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    7 Ways to Reduce Business Taxes
    0 7 Ways to Reduce Business Taxes

    Finding ways to reduce business taxes is important as every penny you save matters. With the year comes to a close, it’s important to start planning for a smooth tax season in the first quarter of next year. The IRS tax filing deadline for 2016 taxes is April 17, 2017, and business taxes can get a little complicated! Work with a trusted tax professional who can explain everything to you. A good tax professional should help you understand exactly what your deduction options are and what you’re pa...

    The Pros and Cons of an Open Office Floor Plan
    0 The Pros and Cons of an Open Office Floor Plan

    The open office floor plan model has been growing in popularity in recent years, but is it doing more harm than good? By the end of this blog post, you’ll know if the open office is right for you!

    0 Our Featured Furniture Brands

    Furniture Wholesalers strives to bring you the best furniture and accessories for all your office needs. We do this by partnering with top quality furniture brands at affordable prices. Get to know our partners better in this blog post where we’ll highlight the brands we feature at Furniture Wholesalers.

    0 What Is a Credenza?

    A credenza in it’s simplest terms is a cupboard or sideboard. Traditionally, credenzas are used for staging and tasting meals before serving, but are now used in many different areas of the home or office. These days, a credenza is the cabinet-style piece of furniture that flanks a desk or conference table as a second workspace and storage area.

    Benefits of an office credenza

    The primary benefit of the credenza is that it offers a stylish solution for extra storage space and an additional work...