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    2019, March

    It's Tax Time Again!
    It's Tax Time Again!

    Most of us have already organized our yearly paperwork and filed our W2 in order to complete our 2018 tax returns.  However, many of us procrastinate and have yet to even start.  If you are one of these people, do not panic there is still time to get everything done and hopefully receive a large return.  Below you will find some simple tips to ensuring you get your taxes filed prior to the deadline on April 15th.


    Organize your Paperwork

    The most important paper we use to correctly file our ...

    Being Wealthy

    What does it mean to be rich?  Does it mean having a vast amount of money or owning a lot of property?  Does being rich mean you can do whatever you want at any time?  There is no conclusive answer to this question.  People with no money can consider themselves well off and people with a large bank account can consider themselves to be in a bad situation.  Money does not buy happiness and having money does not mean you are successful.  Everyone dreams about being rich one day, but do we really k...

    Spring Cleaning
    Spring Cleaning

    Daylight savings time does more than change the clocks, it changes our day to day routines.  We now see sun light later in the day and the days start to feel longer.  It is a nice feeling to leave work and still have the sun out.  This feeling also tells us it is time to start to pack away some of our winter items for next year and to clean up our houses and offices.  In other words, it is time for spring cleaning.


    Making Small Changes

    Spring cleaning enables us to organize living and work ...

    Warm Weather is on the Horizon
    0 Warm Weather is on the Horizon

    It is hard to believe that spring is almost here.  Cold weather and snow storms have taken a toll on us all and it doesn’t feel like the end will ever come, but if you take a step back and look around you will start to see the signs.  Stay warm and dress for the cold but as you think about it, remember summer eventually does come.



    If you are starting to feel like winter will never end it might be time to go shopping at your favorite store, local mall, or online.  As soon as you ent...