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    Furniture FAQ's


    What is a "wood veneer" desk?

    Wood, being a living element, has a tendency to warp. In order to prevent wooden desks from warping, "wood" desks are manufactured of wood veneer. In this process, slices of wood are laid over a particleboard core. This technique allows wood desks to hold their shape. Edge details, legs, and drawer fronts are still made of hardwood.

    Why purchase a U shaped desk with a corner module?

    corner module extends the space between the desk and the back credenza unit and provides a corner where you can place your computer monitor, laptop or tablet and free up space on your main desk for paperwork or to hold impromptu meetings.

    Can you reverse the side where a return goes on an L shaped desk?

    In most cases returns are non-handed and can be reversed. This is an option when there is a flat edge design and no corner module. We state if this is possible under the product details section on the product page for each individual item. Many of our U-shaped desks are reversible as well.

    Should I order an L shaped or a U shaped desk?

    It really depends on how much workspace you require and how much space is available in your room. A U-shaped desk usually takes about two additional feet along the side. U-shaped desks will accommodate a hutch on top of the back piece, or credenza that can provide additional storage space. Many L-shaped desks will also accommodate a hutch for more storage space.

    Will I be able to hold meetings in my office comfortably at my desk?

    By selecting a desk with a bow front, you not only can increase the available work surface space but you can also have an area for people to pull up to your desk for a meeting. This is also a good option when guests need to sign papers. You might also consider a unit with a table in front rather than a full desk. When you choose this unit, you can hold more comfortable meetings and not have to move to a conference room.

    How do I maximize storage at my desk?

    You can order a desk with drawer pedestals that extend to the floor. You can also select an L-shaped desk or a U-shaped desk with a hutch. Many series offer coordinating pieces such as lateral files, bookcases and storage cabinets.

    What size desk will fit in my office?

    It is a good idea to allow 36" of free space along the side of your desk and a similar amount in front of your desk. You don't want to block low windows or doors. If you are going to have other furniture in the room, you will not want to crowd your space.

    What makes one desk more expensive than another?

    Size, storage, and drawer capacity certainly make a difference. A wood or "wood veneer" desk is often more costly than a laminate piece. The quality of the drawer slides is a factor, as well as the hardware. Design and finishes vary from one desk and manufacturer to another.

    How can I find coordinating pieces?

    On each of the product pages on our site, we provide a link that allows you to "view other products in this series". In addition, free; free tp contact us at  and we will be happy to assist you.

    Do all desks require assembly?

    The assembly required varies by product line. Some units come assembled, and others require modest assembly. Check with our staff. We will be able to walk you through our products.

    Can I purchase a desk for my reception area that will provide privacy or a counter in front?

    We offer a wide range of reception desks. They vary greatly in style, size, storage, and price ranges. Just click on office desks and select the reception desk category. Consider the image you want to portray. Remember, your reception area is the first room your guests and clients will see.



    You will spend a lot of time in your office chair, so it's important to choose one that works for you. Design, material, height, and weight capacity are all important factors when selecting chairs for your office or conference room.

    Why buy a mesh chair?

    Mesh chairs "breathe" and provide air flow around the body to keep you cool and ensure your comfort while you work.

    Are your chairs adjustable?

    All of the desk chairs available on Furniture Wholesalers are adjustable. When adjusting your chair, set your seat to a height at which your feet are flat on the floor. Your backrest should press against your back comfortably to provide lumbar support in the lower back and encourage proper posture.

    What is a pneumatic cylinder on a chair?

    This feature allows the user to adjust the chair height without having to turn the chair over. This is especially helpful in conference rooms where different people use the chairs at different times. Make sure your chair is set so that your feet are resting flat on the floor.

    What is the weight capacity of chairs?

    Most standard chairs are designed to hold up to 250 pounds. We do carry a number of big and tall chairs that are made to accommodate people of higher weights. If you have questions about any of the chairs that we offer, please contact us and we will help you select the right chair for your needs.

    Why buy a vinyl chair?

    Vinyl chairs are durable and easier to clean than upholstered chairs. We now offer healthcare vinyl chairs that have an anti-microbial feature to keep your workspace even cleaner.

    What type of chair should I purchase for my conference table?

    For a streamlined look in your conference room, select chairs with a smaller stature and few controls – you don't want the chairs overwhelming the space or distracting people. Select ergonomic chairs to contribute to health and comfort in the workplace.

    If your question is not listed here, or you need any additional questions answered, please contact us or call 877-709-9700 so that we can assist you in selecting the furniture that best meets your needs.



    Conferences and meetings are really facilitated by the table in the room – what size, style, or shape is best for your meeting needs in the workplace?

    What size table should we purchase?

    The table width, in feet, should be equal to the number of people the table needs to accommodate. For instance, an eight-foot table will comfortably hold eight people. Oversized chairs can decrease space available around a table so be sure to include extra room if you plan on buying oversized chairs for a conference room.

    Do your tables come with a top and base?

    All of our tables are shipped complete with the top and base(s).

    Why select a racetrack table?

    The rounded edges of a racetrack table can save valuable space in smaller office areas and allow for freedom of movement around the table for the comfort of your employees and visitors.

    How much space should we plan around the conference table?

    At a minimum, there should be three feet available on each side of the table for moving around the table and chairs – no one likes to be cramped.

    When is a round table a good choice?

    round table works well in a private office or smaller room, or anywhere individual meetings may take place. Round tables give an impression of friendliness and warmth for visitors to feel welcome.

    Do you have a larger table in the same style?

    We often carry larger tables in the same style. Please contact us or call 877-709-9700 if you do not find the table size you need.

    If your question is not listed here, or you need any additional questions answered, please contact us so that we can assist you in selecting the furniture that best meets your needs.

    Do you have a large order that you would like quoted, we are happy to see if we can save you more!  Email us the items and the delivery address and we will supply you with an estimate!