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    It's Time to Go Back to School!
    It's Time to Go Back to School!

    As we enter the middle of August, we must start to prepare for the fall season.  The biggest change during this time is the beginning of school for most children across the country.  School can be both exciting and scary, but it is not inexpensive.  As we approach the new school season keep a few things in mind to make sure we get the most bang for our buck and ensure education remains money well spent.


    Knowing What is Needed

    Most families do back to school shopping; however some do it bett...

    Saving Energy
    Saving Energy

    Across the country we continue to see heat waves, wild fires, and crazy weather events.  These events are not uncharacteristic for the summer season, however they can have a large toll on our wallets. The costs of keeping us cool, properly hydrated, and comfortable can be high when the monthly bills arrive but it does not have to be as expensive as it is.  Below you will see some simple tips to help us save on utilities and some simple expenses during the warm summer months.

    Reusable Water Bott...

    Planning a Successful Road Trip
    Planning a Successful Road Trip

    As summer starts to come to an end and children start school soon, many people look to take one more road adventure for the season.  This can be a destination vacation, a trip to see family or friends, or just a quick day trip to go see an attraction or to attend a certain event.  Many of us drive great distances to get to where we are going and being ready and prepared for a long road trip makes the trip go smoothly and without incident.  Below you will find some simple tips to making the most ...

    Moral Code
    0 Moral Code

    Life can be difficult, and we are often tempted to take the easier path to accomplish things; however, this is not always the best or wisest path to take.  Having a set of standards and sticking to a moral code is easier said than done, but the reward of having lofty standards is well worth the effort. Living with integrity and treating others with respect will result in feeling good about your decisions and having confidence in the day to day journey that is life.


    Treating Others Well

    It i...

    Decision Making and Mistakes
    Decision Making and Mistakes

    Indecision can seriously hinder productivity and success; however, making rash decisions can be equally as counter-productive.  No matter what you are doing, it is important to make confident and well thought out and educated decisions.  Doing this is far easier said than done.  Do you always have time to be extremely thought out and detailed?  Do you use the most of the time you have or do you make decisions to promptly?  The slippery slope of being deliberative and making quick decisions is a ...

    Media in America
    Media in America

    Media in America

    We live in a digital world today and there are many benefits and down sides to digital media.  News and information is much more accessible; however, it is also much easier to spread bias news and to use news media outlets as distractions for life and to help entertain our children.  People have become too dependent on digital media and traditional print media publications have paid the price for this.  Below are some topics on how media has changed and how it has helped shape ...

    Happy 4th of July from the Furniture Wholesalers Team!
    0 Happy 4th of July from the Furniture Wholesalers Team!
    In lieu of the 4th of July holiday, we are taking a break from our weekly blog update.  In the meantime, the Furniture Wholesalers team wishes you a very happy and safe Independence Day! Check back next week for another new blog post. 
    The Fall of Quality and the Rise of the Disposable Economy
    0 The Fall of Quality and the Rise of the Disposable Economy

    Things really are not made as well as they used to be.  We hear people say this all the time and never really give it much thought but the fact is this is a true statement.  Over the 100 years, products are no longer designed to last and must be replaced far more often.  This has not happened by accident.  From manufacturing changes to material changes there are a number of reasons why products are no longer fixed but replaced instead.


    Production Materials

    Prior to the early part of the 20t...

    Heroes Among Us
    0 Heroes Among Us

    There are heroes all around us that go unnoticed.  They play important parts of our lives and often do not get the credit they deserve.  What makes a hero?  If you ask a child it might be being a great sports star or a major TV or public figure; however, as we grow older we start to realize what makes people great and who our real role models should be.

    Sports Stars

    There are professional athletes that deserve to be called heroes.  Some are great role models for their family, peers, and commun...

    Summertime Activities!
    0 Summertime Activities!

    There are countless ways to enjoy the warm summertime weather; however, there is no correct way. The green season opens up a number of hobbies and activities to help us enjoy being outside.  Some of these activities take hours of preparation and some others only take minutes.  These activities can be done solo or as a group.  Just remember to make the most of every activity and make sure it is what you enjoy doing.


    Everyone knows someone or has a neighbor with an incredible looking...