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    2019, January

    Coping with the Cold
    Coping with the Cold

    Once again most of the country is engulfed by freezing temperatures.  Some days this week many places will have a high temperature below 0 degrees, in this weather we spend very little time outside.  Although, we all might want to stay inside a climate-controlled building, we are not always able too.  Going back and forth between our home and office as well as some jobs forces us to remain outside during these less than ideal temperatures.   It is important we prepare for this weather and make s...

    Driving in Bad Weather
    Driving in Bad Weather

    Driving in the snowy weather can be dangerous but it does not have to be.  Making quality decisions while on the road, understanding the situation, and staying calm can all help ensure a safe voyage.   The next few weeks and possibly months, we will be forced to drive in less than ideal situations.  Below you will find a number of tips to help you sate safe while on the road.


    Understand the Situation

    Situational awareness is one of the most important factors to drive safely, especially in l...

    Deal Hunting
    Deal Hunting

    January is a month when stores are depleted of merchandise and malls and shopping plazas are a ghost town compared to the high traffic they get in December.  Most people are tired of shopping and do not have the same financial resources they had prior to the holiday shopping season.  People may be tired of shopping; however, January is really the best time of the year to find a deal.  Stores are liquidating merchandise and now is a great time to buy.


    Take Inventory

    January is not a time to ...

    5 Simple Tips for Making Air Travel Simple and Painless
    5 Simple Tips for Making Air Travel Simple and Painless

    Now that the holiday season has ended, many people are going back to their daily routines.  However, many people also plan some family trips during the early months of the year.  Some people go south to warmer climates while others embrace winter by going on ski trips.  No matter where you are traveling, it is easy to forget things and not make proper preparations for the trips.  Below you will see some simple tips to ensure your entire vacation goes off without a hitch.


    Plan for delays