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    2018, May

    7 Post Memorial Day Summer Activities
    0 7 Post Memorial Day Summer Activities

    Memorial Day has come and past which means summer is here.   Schools will be letting out and the weather is asking us to spend time at the local pool.  The warmer weather opens a wide variety of activities that can be done with a family or by yourself with family support.  Below is a list of some local activities that can help you, your friends, and your family enjoy the best season of the year.


    Fitness Events

    Summer is marathon season, biking season, and triathlon season.   For those of us...

    Ensuring You Cross the Finish Line
    0 Ensuring You Cross the Finish Line

    At least every grown adult can tell you a story of when they finished short.  This can be a sports story, a work example, or even a school story.  What typically happens is we think the job is done or close enough to being done and we move on to what is next.  However, when we don’t take the extra moment to ensure everything is done properly, disaster can strike.



    Everyone has seen at least one sports play where an athlete drops the ball because they think they have scored or because ...

    Summer Vacation
    0 Summer Vacation

    With most schools coming to an end soon for the summer, it is important to start thinking about what to do all summer long.  The weather is warm, families will have more time to spend together, and vacation time is widely used.  So what should small or large families do to enjoy the season that is the favorite of most people?  Should you go on a long trip across the country or should you just take some days exploring the city you live in?  Below is a list of possible ways to spend time with the ...

    Maintaining the Middle Ground
    0 Maintaining the Middle Ground

    In today’s modern world it is easy to take issues to the extreme no matter what your view might be.  By nature, people will have differing opinions on a number of issues whether it be political, scientific, or social.  The differences of opinions on these issues often lead to organizations to be formed to support one side of the issue and these organizations usually offer memberships and often retain lobbyists to support their agenda.   These organizations are an important part to our government...

    7 Team Building Activities for the Office
    0 7 Team Building Activities for the Office

    In the modern professional environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to build a cohesive team.  More people are conducting business over the internet and are working from home.  Companies with better professional relationships among team members tend to have better morale and improved productivity.  Achieving great chemistry in an office is not easy and below you will find some simple team building activities to help improve your team!


    Pot Luck

    A simple, yet effective, way to ...