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    2017, September

    Football in the Workplace
    0 Football in the Workplace

    The fall season brings about a number of changes.  Leaves start turning colors, the temperature slowly starts to drop, and people begin to prepare for the cold winter months.  As more and more people begin to wear sweaters and jackets, sports fans begin to realize that football season is here.  Whether you are a fan of the NFL or the NCAA, one thing remains constant, football is a large part of American culture and has a big impact on the modern office.

    Fantasy Football

    Over the last decade, f...

    The Revitalization of the Conference Room
    0 The Revitalization of the Conference Room

    The Initial Decline:

    The technology boom of the 1990’s created a modern digital way of conducting business.  People could work from anywhere thanks to the widespread increase of cellular phone usage.   This advancement allowed for everyone to participate in any meeting no matter their location.   Although the value of constant communication allowed for more people to be involved in more decisions and brainstorming sessions, it led to a de-emphasis on face to face meetings.  The ability to commu...

    5 Reasons Why Taking Your Lunch Break Matters
    0 5 Reasons Why Taking Your Lunch Break Matters

    In today’s high paced business environment it is easy to skip a lunch break or simply forget to take one.  Whether there is too much to do, you don’t want to leave the office due to weather, or you are simply not hungry, the habit of skipping break seems to be developing among a large number of people.  Skipping your lunch break can lead to poor performance for a number of reasons.  Being hungry or stressed can lead to making mistakes and can cause you to forget important details at important ti...