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    2020, March

    Home at Last
    Home at Last

    We live in a crazy world at a crazy time.  As a scary new virus threatens the health of our society, both physically and economically, most of us are stuck at home.  Some of us are confined by governmental orders while others are just proactive and trying to keep safe.  Social distancing is the new norm and most of us are complying.   At first it was nice to be home and not have to go to school or the office, but it is getting old fast.  What do we do to kill the time?


    Turn of the Media


    A Letter to Our Customers

    To our loyal customers and followers:


    At we have been on the cutting edge of technology since 1998.  Back then we launched our first online only sales platform with  At the time, selling furniture on the internet was a new concept and we consider ourselves fortunate to be at the forefront of the world wide web.  Over the years we have evolved as a business and as a company and we transitioned from to

    Slow and Unnoticed Change
    Slow and Unnoticed Change

    It is crazy how technology has changed the world.  It happens so slowly that we barely realize it, but just think about all the things that are gone from when we were children.  When was the last time you saw a payphone, a handheld camera or a disposable one, or even used a traditional parking meter?  All around us everyday items are disappearing and being replaced and we barely notice.  Below you will see a list of items that have evolved quickly that we do not even think about.




    Be Clean
    Be Clean

    Everywhere we look we hear people talking about it, we read how it effects the economy, and we live in fear of it.  It has a major impact on all aspects of our lives and most of us will never be affected by it.  The Coronavirus is scary to think about, it is a new disease that we do not have a cure for and can be deadly.  Most of us will never come close to anyone who is contagious but we really have no real way of knowing.  So how do we deal with this threat to our health without disturbing our...