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    2018, January

    Tips for Shopping Online
    0 Tips for Shopping Online

    In today’s digital age, trips to the local mall and shopping centers seem to be less frequent.  People are now buying almost everything online from a variety of vendors.  It is a common misconception that shopping online is simple and there are many ways to end up with the wrong product at the wrong price.  Below see some tips to help you shop more efficiently online.


    Amazon and Amazon Prime

    It is true that shopping on Amazon is simple and with Amazon Prime you can get your items quickly; h...

    Tips for Being a Better Boss
    0 Tips for Being a Better Boss

    Being the boss seems like a good deal at first.  You are in charge and you have employees under you to follow your directions to accomplish a goal.  However, we have all come across bosses who need improvement or who are just plain awful.  Making poor decisions while in charge can lead to poor work performance and often leads to low employee morale.  Below are a few simple tricks to being a better boss.


    Lead by Example

    If you are a supervisor, you are expected to ask other people to do some...

    5 Tips for Making Better New Year’s Resolutions
    0 5 Tips for Making Better New Year’s Resolutions

    It is the time of year where everyone is constantly amending forms.  Almost everyone makes the mistake of dating something 2017 in the beginning of the year only to have to make a correction and change the date to 2018.  This is the most obvious mistake people make in regards to the New Year but it is likely the least important.  The New Year also brings a new set of resolutions to better ones self.   However, people tend to make the wrong types of resolutions.  The intention is correct but peop...