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    5 Tips for Making Better New Year’s Resolutions

    5 Tips for Making Better New Year’s Resolutions

    It is the time of year where everyone is constantly amending forms.  Almost everyone makes the mistake of dating something 2017 in the beginning of the year only to have to make a correction and change the date to 2018.  This is the most obvious mistake people make in regards to the New Year but it is likely the least important.  The New Year also brings a new set of resolutions to better ones self.   However, people tend to make the wrong types of resolutions.  The intention is correct but people focus on results opposed to behaviors.  Below see a few of the most typical mistakes people make with their New Year’s resolutions.


    Weight Loss

    One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is about losing weight.  Many people decide that this year is the year they are going to shrink their dress or waist size; however, this resolution lacks the necessary scope to obtain its goal.  People need to think about the bigger picture and the proper way of stating this resolution is living a healthier life style.  Making a pledge to live a better and healthier lifestyle is more encompassing.  A healthy life style includes ensuring you are exercising properly, ensuring you have a proper exercise routine, and ensuring you get proper rest.  The combination of these three changes will not only result in the desired goal of losing weight but will make you a healthier individual overall.  You will feel better and live a better life by not worrying about the number on the scale but about living healthy.


    Being Charitable

    A lot of people embrace the entire holiday season, not just the New Year, to make charitable contributions to their community.  These donations help whatever organization you give to, but do they help the community or organization year-round?  People who want to live charitable lives can do more, possibly with less money involved, to help their desired charity.  The best way to do this is decide what charity you are interested in supporting.  Pick one that matters to you and not just one that is easy.  Once you find the charity you want to help, contact them.  A donation is always helpful and the organization will be thankful for it, but ask the charity what else you can do to help.  Many not for profit organizations are in need of year round volunteers and are also in need of people to help elevate awareness.  See what events you can help them with throughout the year and pick a few that you are passionate about.  Helping raise awareness and volunteering can be as helpful if not more helpful to a charitable organization as money.


    Being a Better Family Member

     Everyone loves their family, although it would be more uncommon to never fight then it is to have small lasting arguments with family members.  This New Year’s resolution seems simple but can be one of the most complicated.  Being a good family member is not about solving arguments and disagreements but learning and understanding what is causing them.  Does your sibling do something on a regular basis that annoys you?  Do you talk about it?  Do you try to resolve the long term cause of the issues?  These are simple questions, sometimes with equally simple answers, that often get overlooked.  So to achieve the goal of having a stronger family bond it is best to get to talk and communicate with each other.  Be understanding, voice opinions, and make sacrifices to help learn to love each other in a less frustrating way.   Don’t just say you are going to be a better family member but take the hard steps to achieve this goal.


    Being a Better Team Member

    A lot of people enter the New Year with the mindset that they are going to do better at their job and hopefully get a promotion or better job because of it.  Doing a better job involves more than just you.  In the modern business environment, collaboration is a key element.  So, you must ask yourself, how I can become a better team member?  Being a team player involves being both a leader and a follower, being a hard worker, and knowing when to speak up and when to shut up.  To become a manager or supervisor, you must understand how to be a key contributor and helper to your peers first.  So don’t walk into the office day one with the mentality that you need to better yourself.  Enter with the mentality that you need to better yourself and those around you in the best way possible.  Being a better coworker, team member, leader, and overall a more reliable and more motivated employee is the best way to get ahead in the business world.


    Being a Better Person

    Being a better person is easy to say but actions matter.   How do you become a better person?  There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  All you can do is try to make the right decisions and have the right attitude every day.  You will make mistakes, we all do.  Don’t dwell on them and move forward.  Apologize when you are wrong and share credit when you have success.  Do the little things that matter to those around you and never look back with regret only look forward and look for ways to correct errors.  No one is perfect and all anyone can do is their best.  Always remember being a good person is about listening to others, helping others, and making quality decisions whenever you can.


    Hopefully the tips above help you make quality New Year’s Resolutions.  Have a Happy New Year and remember if you found this article of interest, please share on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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