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    2016, October

    5 Office Furniture Tips for Disabled People
    0 5 Office Furniture Tips for Disabled People

    Creating your own work space either in an office or at home is crucial to being successful at your job. Once you have made a cubicle or office your own, then you can organize it according to your needs by adding filing cabinets and desk accessories. This is great for able bodied workers, but what about those that have physical disabilities and limitations? It is very important that there are workspaces created for disabled workers in order for them to be comfortable, efficient and productive.


    How to Decorate the Office for Fall
    0 How to Decorate the Office for Fall

    Easy Fall Decor for the Office

    Even if you’re not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice trend, the autumnal season has begun its annual tradition of ending the summer with cool breezes and a hankering for hearty soups and warm apple cider. Fall means that the school year is underway, the holiday season is coming just around the corner, and it’s finally time to drag your boots and sweaters out of storage. Fall is in the air, but how do you get fall into the office?

    It’s not hard to keep your office decor ...