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    2018, October

    Halloween Approaches!
    Halloween Approaches!

    As the end of October approaches, people start making their final plans to celebrate Halloween.  Both children and adults alike can have a great time going to themed parties and showing off creative costumes.  A lot of planning goes into this holiday and it is important not to forget any details.  Below you will find some simple tips to ensure your Halloween goes smoothly and without hassle.


    Candy for All

    One of the best parts about being a child on Halloween is trick or treating and gettin...

    Looking the Part
    Looking the Part

    We live in a casual world, people no longer get dressed up for work or worry about formality like they did years ago.  The modern digital age has changed the way we do business and the way we handle our day to day activities.  However, we sometimes get too comfortable with the casual business world.  We sometime forget that being a little more formal is still important and creates a standard to help us, as individuals, focus on work.

    Dress to Impress

    With an increase in the amount of time peop...

    Tips for Enjoying Your Home Sporting Event
    Tips for Enjoying Your Home Sporting Event

    Fall is a great time for sports.  High school, College, and NFL football are in full swing in addition to a number of other high school sports such as soccer, volleyball, and cross country.  Furthermore, the NHL has started play and NBA preseason has also started to attract attention and draw crowds.  Going to these events can be extremely fun but also extremely expensive.  Below you will see some tips to make these sports more enjoyable and affordable.

    Acquiring Tickets

    Getting tickets can be...

    What are Our Customers Saying About Furniture Wholesalers?
    What are Our Customers Saying About Furniture Wholesalers?
    See what are customers are saying about us....we certainly pride ourselves on giving the best possible customer services we can!
    Are we human? oh sure, and sometimes s*&$ happens, but we will work hard to insure you get great products at the best prices and have a wonderful experience dealing with us.
    "Thanks so much for the extra help with our order! Both at rescheduling the delivery and for facilitating this form. This was delivered just after 11:30 this morning, and I’m all set up and ge...
    Earn Advancement - Don't Expect It
    Earn Advancement - Don't Expect It

    We live in an era where many people feel entitled to privilege and advancement; however, we also live in a world where you must earn what you have.  Many people feel they are under employed or under valued at work but they do little to change things.  Advancement and success is earned and is not necessarily measured in money.  Below you will read some simple tips to help make advancements in your career and some tips on how to become a better person.


    Nothing is Given but Everything is Earned