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    2018, July

    Moral Code
    0 Moral Code

    Life can be difficult, and we are often tempted to take the easier path to accomplish things; however, this is not always the best or wisest path to take.  Having a set of standards and sticking to a moral code is easier said than done, but the reward of having lofty standards is well worth the effort. Living with integrity and treating others with respect will result in feeling good about your decisions and having confidence in the day to day journey that is life.


    Treating Others Well

    It i...

    Decision Making and Mistakes
    Decision Making and Mistakes

    Indecision can seriously hinder productivity and success; however, making rash decisions can be equally as counter-productive.  No matter what you are doing, it is important to make confident and well thought out and educated decisions.  Doing this is far easier said than done.  Do you always have time to be extremely thought out and detailed?  Do you use the most of the time you have or do you make decisions to promptly?  The slippery slope of being deliberative and making quick decisions is a ...

    Media in America
    Media in America

    Media in America

    We live in a digital world today and there are many benefits and down sides to digital media.  News and information is much more accessible; however, it is also much easier to spread bias news and to use news media outlets as distractions for life and to help entertain our children.  People have become too dependent on digital media and traditional print media publications have paid the price for this.  Below are some topics on how media has changed and how it has helped shape ...

    Happy 4th of July from the Furniture Wholesalers Team!
    0 Happy 4th of July from the Furniture Wholesalers Team!
    In lieu of the 4th of July holiday, we are taking a break from our weekly blog update.  In the meantime, the Furniture Wholesalers team wishes you a very happy and safe Independence Day! Check back next week for another new blog post.