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    Moral Code

    Moral Code

    Life can be difficult, and we are often tempted to take the easier path to accomplish things; however, this is not always the best or wisest path to take.  Having a set of standards and sticking to a moral code is easier said than done, but the reward of having lofty standards is well worth the effort. Living with integrity and treating others with respect will result in feeling good about your decisions and having confidence in the day to day journey that is life.


    Treating Others Well

    It is easy to talk about treating others with respect and dignity, but it is much hard to do so.  People you encounter throughout the day will be in both good and bad moods and it is sometime difficult for us to figure out how to interact with people.  In addition, people will have different personalities and diverse ways of communicating and this can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.  No matter how hard you try, you will have bad days and certain people will annoy you, the hard part is getting past this and learning to treat everyone with respect.  No matter how rude or difficult someone is the best approach to dealing with them is kindness and friendliness, even if the person does not deserve or has not earned your respect.  Being the better person and taking the high ground no matter what is extremely hard to do, but the benefit at the time and later in life of doing so is worth it.  By taking the high road you can have no regrets, you know you did everything you could to be helpful and be positive.  Finally there could be other reasons someone treats you poorly.  A person might be deflecting their struggles or problems toward you by being mean.  This may not be right, but two wrongs do not make a right and being friendly is always the best way deal with difficult people, no matter how difficult it can be at the time.


    Having a Moral Code

    A great way to deal with difficult people and difficult situations is creating a moral code to live by and to try to follow this code no matter what.  People tend to judge everyone, and we tend to judge ourselves and at times second guess our actions, it is human nature.  A great way to help us feel good about ourselves and our decisions is to establish a moral and ethical code to live by.  There is no standard format for this and it can be as simple as making sure you do something nice every day.  You can set goals for yourself; did I make someone smile, did I help solve a problem, was a I a good teammate? The goals you create should be personal, but they should be something that speaks to your personality and convictions in life.  Our ultimate goal in this world should be to make a better world for our children and those who follow us.  This goal sounds difficult but can be achieved by doing the little things.  Be polite and be friendly, be a good friend and be supportive, and help others and help yourself.  So spend some time to set up a simple moral code, create goals that are small and achievable, and make a difference every day.  We cannot solve all the world’s problems at once but we can take small steps every day to help us get there.


    Give Respect to Earn Respect

    Everyone wants to be respected by their coworkers, friends, family, and just about everyone they encounter on a given day; however not everyone gets the respect they deserve.  There are many people who believe respect must be earned and they refuse to respect people until they believe the person is worthy.  This is a very negative way to live and spreads negativity and fosters a poor work or living environment.  The best way to earn respect is to be respectful of others.  This can be done through small actions throughout the course of a day.  Did you spend the extra second to hold the door for someone?  Did you say please and thank you?  Having manners is a great first step to earn respect and having manners is a respectful thing to do.  Some people are timid and shy while others are outgoing and full of energy.  Both of these types of people deserve to be respected and both of these types of people show respect in different ways.  Do not judge someone by the personality type but judge them by their actions and treat them all with respect.  Odds are if you do so people will respect you back.


    Understanding Errors

    Mistakes will happen, what is telling about us as people is how we deal with mistakes.  Many people are friendly and understanding while others are angry and aggressive.  What reaction do you think gets the issue resolved quicker with more pleasant interactions?  People who are friendly and ask for assistance to correct a mistake will typically get a quicker and better result than people who are rude. Think about it from the opposite perspective.  If you made a mistake, are you more willing to fix it quickly and pleasantly if a person asks you nicely to deal with it?  Being mean accomplishes nothing and does not help fix mistakes so take the high road to get a more pleasant resolution.  This works both ways.  If you make a mistake do not try to lie to hide the fact that it happened.  People will respect honesty more than lies and will be more willing to trust you in dealing with an issue if you are honest.  So do not shrink responsibility, admit fault and deal with the consequences of the mistake.  We learn more from our failures than from our successes, so treat every mistake as an opportunity and be pleasant when dealing with it.  It will result in a more positive experience and help you improve yourself for the future.


    Fault Accomplishes Nothing

    When things go wrong it is important to figure out why but it is equally as important not to point fingers.  Placing blame does not stop the error from happening and many times has a negative effect on teamwork and friend or family interactions.  Whenever a mistake is made, or a problem arises it is important to look at policies and procedures to figure out why.  If we do not investigate, we will not learn how to improve our business, our families, and ourselves.  However, identifying a mistake a placing blame are two completely different things.  If someone does make an error it is important to address the mistake in a positive and educational way.  People like to learn new things and like to develop their personal and professional abilities, but people also do not like to be criticized.  It is a very fine line that separates these two things.  So when we realize what went wrong make sure we do not point fingers and do not place blame.  Let everyone know what mistake occurred and ensure everyone knows how to avoid the mistake in the future.


    Life is full of challenges and can be very difficult.  To have a better life, it is important that we learn to be understanding and try to take the moral high road whenever possible.  This is a very difficult thing to do but effort matters.  You will make mistakes but do not let them put you in a bad mood.  Learn from these mistakes and be as positive as possible.  When we fall, we will get up again, get up with pride and dignity.  This will enable you to live a life with a smile and remember do not let the negative aspects of life bring you down.

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