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    2019, November

    Black Friday is Just Around the Corner
    Black Friday is Just Around the Corner

    Black Friday is just around the corner.  It is hard to believe that another year has passed and we are once again at the busiest shopping day of the year.  Companies spend all year brainstorming and planning for these sales and it is a great time to get some amazing deals.  It is easy to get carried away and buy too much stuff and it is equally easy to miss out on the deal of a lifetime.  It is important we take some time to do our research and plan our weekend shopping event to ensure we get ev...

    Attire for Winter
    Attire for Winter

    All across the country temperatures have started to drop.  Many places have even seen the first snow fall of the year.  We have changed our clocks back as daylight savings time has ended and it now gets darker much earlier in the day.  The sum of all these things means that winter is here.  Gone are the long warm days of summer and for those of us who have not properly prepared for the cold it is time to get caught up.


    Foot care

    There is nothing stopping us from wearing shorts and a tee shi...

    Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?
    Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?

    Whatever happened to Thanksgiving, you know what I mean.  The holiday at the end of November between Halloween and Christmas.  It seems almost forgotten about now a days.  The Halloween sections in the stores vanish, companies and individuals alike begin to but up Christmas lights, and we start hearing about wonderful gift ideas.  It almost feels like companies just skip Thanksgiving now and there is a reason why.  This reason fuels the way we live our lives and is what keeps us honest and true ...