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    Sit Stand Desks

    Sit and stand desks are beneficial to those with desk jobs or those who work from a desk for an extended period of time. Sit stand desks alleviate back pain and allow you to work smarter and feel better. The adjustable desk design allows you to easily switch from standing up to sitting down at your desk, providing regular breaks for your body. Easily adjustable and mobile allowing you to make the most of your office space.

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    Balt 90459 Sit Stand Desk

    $406.99 $487.00
    Get up! Stand up! The Up-Rite Workstation Mobile Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk is a simple to use, ergonomic solution to add energy to your working environment.

    Verve™ 1959 Standing Desk

    $469.99 $846.00
    Verve™ Standing Desk is designed to help encourage more movement during the workday. Standing height helps promote a more active working environment and may help promote additional calorie burn and increased focus over sitting. Pairs well with leaning or perch seating to help reduce fatigue from standing while still maintaining a more active and engaging posture.

    Bestar 99885 Sit Stand Desk

    $1,067.99 $2,025.17
    An L shaped desk that give you the option to work in the position you want. This height adjustable desk features a standard height credenza and a desk that can be adjusted from 28"-45"H.

    Bestar 93885 Sit Stand Desk

    $1,079.99 $2,025.17
    A height adjustable L shaped desk that is available in two different colors. This desk features a pedestal for all your storage needs, an electric height adjustment mechanism, and is fully reversible.

    Offices to Go SL-7 Height Adjustable L Shaped Desk

    From $1,158.99
    This Offices to Go L Shaped Desk offers a clean, contemporary design with a height adjustable table as a return for sitting or standing. Plenty of work surface area with one full pedestal and one mobile pedestal for storage.

    Bestar 120857 Sit Stand Desk

    $1,246.99 $2,219.89
    Work from a sitting or standing position with this height adjustable L-Shaped Desk. This desk is available in 3 colors and features metal legs, the ability to arranged in either directions, and plenty of storage space.

    Bestar 99886 Sit Stand Desk

    $1,252.99 $2,451.50
    Work comfortably from either the sitting or standing position with this L-Shaped Desk. This desk unit comes with a height adjustable desk and a standard fixed height credenza with hutch, can be configured with the desk on either side, and is available in three colors. The desk is made of a durable 1" commercial grade work surface with melamine finish that resist scratches, stains and wear.

    Bestar 93886 Sit Stand Desk with Hutch

    $1,289.99 $2,463.44
    A height adjustable L shaped desk with a hutch for extra storage. This desk features electronic height adjustment, a 1" thick commercial grade top, and is available in two colors.

    Offices to Go SL-4 L Shaped Desk w/ Height Adjustable Return

    From $1,249.99
    This Offices to Go L Shaped Desk offers a clean, contemporary design with a durable PVC edge in five beautiful laminate finishes. With a height adjustable return, there is plenty of work surface area and a mobile pedestal for storage.

    Offices to Go SL-13 Height Adjustable Desk & Credenza Package

    From $1,256.99
    A great addition to any home office or commercial office, this package features a 60"w height adjustable table and a credenza with a storage cabinet and mixed storage unit. The height adjustable desk has an electric motor and digital control unit to make working sitting or standing easy.

    Bestar 120858 Sit Stand Desk with Hutch

    $1,434.99 $2,652.07
    A L Shaped Desk made up of a height adjustable desk and a credenza with a hutch. This desk features plenty of storage space, the ability to work sitting or standing, and is available in 3 colors.

    Global HTM3058 Sit Stand Desk

    $1,657.99 $3,068.00
    Change the way you work with this height adjustable desk. This sit stand desk features a manual height adjustment mechanism using counterbalanced springs to make adjusting the table simple. Order today and get free shipping!

    Global Layout 4B L Shaped Desk w/ Height Adjustable Return

    $1,721.99 $3,221.00
    The Zira L shaped desk is a modern looking, commercial-grade contemporary office desk which includes a height adjustable return for sitting or standing! The Global Zira series is eco friendly GreenGuard® certified, meeting strict green standards.

    Bush SRE225 Sit Stand Desk w/ Credenza

    $1,989.99 $3,499.00
    Want to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day? The new Series C Elite from Bush offers a flexible, healthy and ergonomic solution for today's work environments. Credenza has a locking pedestal with two box drawers and one file drawer. Order today and get free shipping!

    Offices to Go SL-3 U Shaped Desk w/ Height Adjustable Bridge

    From $2,107.99
    This Offices to Go U Shaped Desk offers a clean, contemporary design with a durable PVC edge in five beautiful laminate finishes. A height adjustable bridge offers the chance to sit or stand. Plenty of storage, work surface area and style for your office!

    Bush SRE228 Sit Stand U Shaped Desk

    $2,215.99 $3,886.00
    Design a functional and healthy workspace with this u shaped desk featuring a height adjustable bridge for sit stand capability. Durable, thermally fused laminate work surfaces feature superior resistance to scratches and stains. Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards for safety and performance.

    Safco AT56 Bow Front L-Shaped Height Adjustable Desk Shell

    $2,284.99 $4,058.00
    A desk that allows you to work standing or sitting depending on your mood. This desk features height adjustability that raises and lowers the entire desk while other models will only allow you to adjust the height of an individual section. This Bow Front L-Shaped desk is constructed of a durable 1 5/8" thick laminate work surface.

    690W Height Adjustable Workstation

    $2,716.99 $4,869.00
    Change the feel of your office based on your energy level with this height adjustable workstation. The 690W offers the ability to work standing up or the ability to pull up a chair to the same work station and work sitting down.

    Sit Stand Desks

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