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    EOD160MR-03K - 60"w Straight Desk Open Office

    $583.99 $1,023.00
    Built for open environments, including call centers, small businesses, start-ups, and study areas, the Bush Easy Office Series is available in Straight and L formats to allow for expansion as your needs change.

    EOD260MR-03K - 60"w Straight Desk Closed Office

    $699.99 $1,242.00
    Bush's Easy Office is sturdy, easy to assemble units great for call centers, team office settings, and study areas. The low height panels foster team collaboration!

    OIH Straight Workstation

    $795.99 $1,395.00
    Bush's Office in an Hour turns open spaces into efficient, collaborative work environments. Bundles include panels and hardware for quick, easy installation!

    Bestar 100854A L Shaped Desk

    $806.99 $1,438.28
    A free standing panel based desk, the Pro-Biz L shaped desk with 3/4 wall is an example of our new look office furniture. The unique design features aluminum posts that hold up the functional, open work surfaces. The panels provide some privacy and define this as a stand alone workstation. Free shipping on all discount office desks.

    EOD360MR-03K L Shaped Open Office

    $819.99 $1,437.00
    Foster a team building atmosphere with these Bush Easy Office bundles. Durable, easy to assemble units in several sizes, open and more closed, make planning and set up a breeze!

    EOD460MR-03K - Two Person Straight Desk Open Office

    $916.99 $1,608.00
    This two person desk set up from Bush and their Easy Office collection makes space planning so easy. Quick assembly, sturdy construction and low height panels for team collaboration.

    Bestar 100854B L Shaped Desk with Full Wall

    $1,021.99 $1,903.69
    This Bestar Pro-Biz L shaped desk with full wall provides privacy and excellent work surface space in an open office environment. It encourages a collaborative, teamwork approach to doing business. Perfect for a laptop, desktop or tablet. Free shipping on all discount office furniture.

    OIH L Shaped Workstation

    $1,113.99 $1,954.00
    For a collaborative, efficient work area, try Bush's easy to assemble Office in an Hour collection. Easy to order and to install, this collection creates office space out of empty space.

    EOD560MR-03K Two Person L Shaped Desk Open Office

    $1,388.99 $2,436.00
    A two person set up with open ends fosters team building and makes for easy space planning. This Easy Office Series from Bush features laminate work surfaces and metal framed hardboard panels.

    Bestar 100856A 2 Person L Shaped Desk

    $1,417.99 $2,882.85
    This Bestar Pro-Biz 2 Person L Shaped Desk with a 3/4 divider wall configuration is an excellent setup for collaborative teamwork in an open office environment. Each person has their own workstation while allowing movement from one office to another when brainstorming. The walls provide privacy when needed. Free shipping and warranty available on all office furniture. Order today!

    Bestar 100857A (2) L Shaped Desks with Mobile Drawers

    $1,581.99 $3,065.66
    This Bestar Pro-Biz (2) L shaped Desks with mobile drawers and 3/4 wall provides excellent workstation space in an open office environment. It works very well when two people need their own private space and have frequent needs to work together on a project. With very contemporary styling, companies can have an office that is as high tech as their business.

    EOD660MR-03K 4 Person Straight Desk Open Office

    $1,583.99 $2,778.00
    Have a large space that needs team building units? This Bush Easy Office 4 person set up makes space planning super easy and with its Mocha Cherry laminate tops and two toned fabric on the metal framed hardboard panels, they're stylish and modern too.

    Bush OIH004 L Shaped Office Desk

    $1,589.99 $2,791.00
    "Office in an Hour" by Bush is a simple solution that offers a complete, free standing panel-based L shaped office desk that assembles in 60 minutes. This office desk provides good function in a compact work space. Perfect for a laptop or desktop work station. Free shipping and warranty available on all discount furniture.

    OIH U Shaped Workstation

    $1,674.99 $2,937.00
    Create an efficient, organized work space in no time with this Office in an Hour U Shaped Desk cubicle station. The U Shaped Desk combines a spacious thermally fused laminate surface with sturdy steel legs to resist scratches, stains and damage.

    Bush OIH005 Two L Shaped Computer Desks

    $3,179.99 $5,582.00
    This "Office in an Hour" solution by Bush is a functional solution that includes two L shaped computer desks in a freestanding panel-base system that assembles in 60 minutes per desk. Get privacy and good work space in a tight space. Perfect for a desktop workstation or laptop computer. Free shipping and warranty available on all discount office furniture.

    EOD760MR-03K 4 Person L Shaped Desk Open Office

    $3,438.99 $6,032.00
    Call centers, study areas, collaborative office spaces all would benefit from this Easy Office 4 person set up. Features such as integrated wire management and quick, easy assembly make this set u p a great choice for any application.

    Bestar 100859D (4) L Shaped Desks with Mini Hutch

    $4,787.99 $7,749.23
    This Bestar Pro-Biz (4) L shaped desks with full wall and mini hutch arrangement allows for four people to work in their own offices while providing the opportunity to work together when desirable. Each office has an open work surface layout to encourage the space to spread out files or other material. This is the next generation of open office cubicles that conserve valuable square footage. Free shipping and warranty on all discount office furniture.

    Bush OIH007 Four L Shaped Computer Desks

    $6,359.99 $11,164.00
    Four (4) L shaped computer desks by Bush. "Office in an Hour" is a revolutionary solution that provides complete, freestanding panel-based administrative desks that assemble in 60 minutes or less. Perfect as group workstation. Free shipping and warranty available on all discount office furniture.

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