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    2018, February

    The Importance of a Private Office
    0 The Importance of a Private Office

    With the rise of online commerce over the last several years, people and companies have started to focus on their image and brand and a lot less about their setting.  The new way of business has a lot of executives more worried about online positioning and website quality than the state of their offices; however, it is still important to have an executive office.  Having an office gives you a suitable place to work and to hold small meetings or conferences.  In addition, having an impactful offi...

    Tips for a Stress Free Tax Season
    0 Tips for a Stress Free Tax Season

    The holiday season has long past and January is also a distant memory.   The time for making resolutions is now over and everyone goes back to their regular work routine.  However, most people have yet to finish up the responsibilities of the previous year.   Now that normal life has returned, it is time to start to think about tax season and how to properly pay your taxes with as little grief as possible.   Below please find some tips to ensure you get your taxes completed quickly without too m...

    The Benefits and Sins of Modern Smart Phones
    0 The Benefits and Sins of Modern Smart Phones

    In today’s modern world, everyone is constantly on their smart phones.  These devices are crucial for doing business, staying in contact with friends and family, and planning your day, week, month, and year.  However, there comes a point for almost everyone, every day where the phone becomes a distraction and people become rude due to their narrow focus on technology.  A key to being successful at work, at home, and in the classroom is dependent on knowing when to use the phone and when to put i...

    Bicycle Commuting 101
    0 Bicycle Commuting 101

    How far do you live from your office or work space?  2 miles?  5 miles? 18 miles?  No matter how far you live, there is always a way to become a bicycle commuter, and when you do, you won’t want to turn back.




    You can start to feel the difference after your first ride.  Simply getting the blood pumping and getting your circulation revving allows more oxygen and blood to flow to your brain, stimulating the release of mood enhancing endorphins.  The more you ride, the m...

    Tips for Having Better Professional Interactions
    0 Tips for Having Better Professional Interactions

    Everyone wants something and everyone has an agenda in order to complete a task or get everything they need.  It is human nature to want things or to need help; however, many people do not get the most assistance possible from others.  There are a wide variety of reasons as to why.   Below you will find some simple tricks and habits to help others want to help and aid you when doing business with them.

    Treat Others with Respect

    Almost everyone remembers that one co-worker, client, or customer ...