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    Tips for Having Better Professional Interactions

    Tips for Having Better Professional Interactions

    Everyone wants something and everyone has an agenda in order to complete a task or get everything they need.  It is human nature to want things or to need help; however, many people do not get the most assistance possible from others.  There are a wide variety of reasons as to why.   Below you will find some simple tricks and habits to help others want to help and aid you when doing business with them.

    Treat Others with Respect

    Almost everyone remembers that one co-worker, client, or customer that no one wanted to work with.  They were rude, demanding and disrespectful.  For some reason many people think being aggressive and demanding will help get what they want.  However, there is a better way.  Be respectful of your peers and people who are trying to assist you.   If you are pleasant to talk to and if you are understanding, people will be willing to take the time to listen to your concerns and problems and offer advice.  It is true that many people get results and resolutions by being demanding and aggressive but are they the best results possible?  An employee might give you a discount to not have to deal with you but in the future the same person would avoid doing business with you.  So, don’t take the aggressive antagonistic approach.  Treat others with respect and you are more likely to get a long term partner to help you with your current problem and other future issues that might occur.


    Remember to Say Please and Thank you

    Being courteous matters, have you ever met someone who is not?  When a boss or co-worker does not thank you, are you willing to help them in return?  Taking the extra second to say please when making a request and to saying thank you once the favor is done can completely change a person’s attitude toward you.  It is becoming less common for people to use these simple words in e-mails and on the phone and it does not go unnoticed.  People are more pleasant to deal with and more receptive of what you have to say when you speak courteously and with respect.  So take the extra time to thank someone and say please when asking.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


    Be Reasonable

    Things will go wrong on any given day.  You might receive an item that is damaged or the package you are waiting for might be late or even get lost.  Don’t overreact to these issues.   It can be very frustrating when things like this happen but deal with it in a professional and adult way.  The vendor for the product will want to assist you with damaged or defective items but they don’t deserve to be mistreated.  They did not want you to receive an item late or for an item to be lost or damaged.  So work with them kindly and help be part of the solution and not a person who escalated the problem.  In addition, make sure to read the delivery terms, return policy, and ask questions about these prior to ordering.  Not every product or service you purchase is what you imagined it to be.  Understand what you are to expect ahead of time and if those terms don’t work for you, contact the company you are doing business with and see if other arrangements can be met.


    Don’t be Afraid to Ask

    A lot of people are afraid to ask questions and that can cause a whole lot of problems.  Almost any company welcomes questions about a particular product or service and the costs associated with them.  If you are confused about the logistics or about what exactly you will be getting when you order something, simply ask.  Ask how returns and shipping work and ask how long something will take to ship and arrive.  By asking the right questions in a respectful and professional manner you will have accurate expectations.  Too many people make assumptions about things based on what they have heard or seen in the past.  It is best to ask questions instead of assuming to ensure you get what you want and that any concerns you might have are addressed quickly and in the correct way.


    Offer to Help in Return

    Are you the person at work who always asks for assistance and never offers to aid someone in return?  Everyone has had an encounter with someone like that and it never really ends well.  Treat people how you would like to be treated and part of that is being respectful and offering to help when they need assistance as well.  A modern professional environment is all about team work.  Companies that are successful welcome people’s opinions and stress the value of team work.  So do not hesitate to help someone else in need if you are capable.  The whole office will learn to value you and will think highly of you if you offer your assistance when needed and sometimes without being asked too.  Being helpful results in your peers respecting you and helps foster a positive work environment.  So ensure to spend a few extra minutes every week helping others and in turn you will see these same people be more willing to help you.


    Manners and common courtesy are becoming rarer by the day.  It is everyone’s responsibility to change this.  The modern digital age has resulted in less face to face interaction but it is important to remember there will eventually be a person on another computer screen trying to help you.  Make sure to be respectful and treat these people, you might never meet, fairly and you will find that they will be more willing to assist you.  Say please and thank you and be reasonable and in return you should get the same results.

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