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    How to Decorate the Office for Fall

    How to Decorate the Office for Fall

    Easy Fall Decor for the Office

    Even if you’re not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice trend, the autumnal season has begun its annual tradition of ending the summer with cool breezes and a hankering for hearty soups and warm apple cider. Fall means that the school year is underway, the holiday season is coming just around the corner, and it’s finally time to drag your boots and sweaters out of storage. Fall is in the air, but how do you get fall into the office?

    It’s not hard to keep your office decor rotating on a seasonal basis, although it does take some effort and forethought into your design plan. Swapping out your existing decor for fall-themed features will be easy as pumpkin pie.

    Why Decorate?

    Keeping your office decor in line with the changing seasons and holidays shows your employees and visitors that you care about the office environment. Changing the artwork or other aesthetic pieces keeps people interested and looking out for new things. As you change your decor, you will send a message that nothing sticks around long enough to get boring at your company. New ideas, projects, and collaborations are always just around the corner, just like your seasonal decor. 

    You don’t have to break the bank to tackle this fall decor project, either. Our tips can fit any budget. Read on to learn how to decorate the office for fall on a budget!

    How to Decorate the Office for Fall

    There are several ways to decorate the office for fall. Below are some simple ways to decorate while on a budget.

    Windows and Rugs

    Start with accent pieces like window treatments and area rugs. Curtains in a mustard yellow, deep orange, rusty red, or chocolate brown color (or a pattern with one or more of these colors) set an autumnal tone with minimal effort. Even if you just change out a supplemental curtain like a swag or valance, rather than the entire window treatment, you can make an eye-catching change to your decorating scheme. Similar colors can be brought in with area rugs throughout your office. You may even find trendy themed prints for curtains or rugs, like candy corn or pumpkins. Visitors and employees alike will appreciate these small touches of fall.


    If you have paintings, photographs, or other artwork displayed in your office, swap it out for fall-themed art, or invite team members to share their kids’ back to school pictures or pumpkin patch photos on large bulletin boards. This will keep your team connected to each other and provide a low-cost art arrangement that makes employees feel happy and proud whenever they see it!

    Flower Arrangements

    A seasonal rotation of bouquets in the office is an excellent centerpiece for a reception area or conference room. Fall-colored blooms will add an effortless touch of the season to any room, even if you don’t switch out the curtains and artwork. Contact a local florist to set up an ongoing delivery of seasonal flowers.

    Garlands and Ornaments

    You can find any holiday or seasonal themed garland at most craft supply stores or online. A garland of fall leaves can adorn your bookshelves or curtain rods, or you might opt for leaf-shaped or pumpkin ornamental decorations. A wreath can also be easily changed out with the seasons and holidays.


    Pumpkins may be ubiquitous, but that’s only because they make the perfect fall decoration! A small assortment of pumpkins and gourds makes an easy decorative touch that anyone can pull off for fall. Arrange them in a basket and you’ll have a trendy autumn focal point for your reception area.


    Why not offer employees in the break room a seasonal treat they can eat? A bowl or basket of apples is an excellent – and delicious – fall decoration. A crock-pot of warm spiced apple cider wouldn’t go amiss, either. The smell of warm cider will add an instant feeling of fall to your midst. 

    Holiday Decorating for the Workplace

    The United States offers many holidays to celebrate throughout the year. How fun is it during the fall season to celebrate with employees the different types of fall foods and Halloween contests? Below are some fun, creative ways to decorate during the fall holidays.


    Halloween is rife with opportunities for holiday decorating. Jack-O-Lanterns (real or faux), candy corn, bats, witches, black cats, full moons, spider webs, skeletons, and more… what’s not to love? Give your office a spooky makeover for Halloween. To make things even more fun, invite employees to participate in a costume party, or allow them to dress up for the day of Halloween in the office. Of course, an offering of fun-sized candy bars is never a bad move.


    Even though it might already be snowing by that fateful November Thursday, Thanksgiving still falls under the autumn category. During this month, your decorating focus can shift from the candy obsession that is Halloween to a more gratitude-driven approach. November is usually full of people participating in gratitude challenges, writing in gratitude journals, or sharing heartfelt acts of kindness and forgiveness in the spirit of the holiday. To decorate, continue the overarching fall decor theme and add touches like a gratitude board or artwork. If you have a super low budget, there’s always crayons and hand turkeys.

    Other Considerations During the Fall Season

    While the fall season is a time to cozy up, celebrate the season changing and having yummy foods, there are some other things to consider during the fall season.

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) During the Fall

    As beautiful and refreshing as those cool breezes are, autumn can be a harbinger of mental health issues for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Its effects are partly due to the stark decrease in sunlight exposure that people experience in colder climates. Encourage employees to take outdoor walks or go outside during their break times, if the weather allows, so that they can have some time in the sun. You can also offer to provide daylight-simulating lamps that can help reduce the effects of SAD. Pay attention to your employees’ health and reach out to them if you notice any changes in behavior or attitude.

    Happy Decorating!

    We’d love to hear about how you spruced up your office for fall. Share a photo with us on our Facebook page and tag it #FWforFall.

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