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    Deal Hunting

    Deal Hunting

    January is a month when stores are depleted of merchandise and malls and shopping plazas are a ghost town compared to the high traffic they get in December.  Most people are tired of shopping and do not have the same financial resources they had prior to the holiday shopping season.  People may be tired of shopping; however, January is really the best time of the year to find a deal.  Stores are liquidating merchandise and now is a great time to buy.


    Take Inventory

    January is not a time to go shopping without a plan.  In order to maximize the deals that are out there, you must first know what you need.  The best way to start this process is to clean out your closet and see what you have and what you really need.  Determine what articles of clothing are worn and in need of replacing.  This process should include going through your summer attire and even your under garments as well. In addition, this is also a great time to purge your closet and make some donations to the local charity.  Clothing that does not help you can be a godsend to people in need. In addition, this is also a great time of year to check up on your kitchen supplies or electronics.  Make a list of what products are worn and might need replacing so you know what to keep your eyes open for.  Finally, make a list of things that you have wanted and have not had the funds to buy.  These items are tough finds but it is a great practice to keep your eyes open.  You never know what you might find.


    Be Prepared to Search

    The greatest part about shopping in January is that you can find some great deals; however, the difficult part is finding these bargains.  Stores are trying to liquidate old inventory and many items they are selling are available in weird sizes, colors, or have small defects.  In order to find the deal of a life time you must be willing to spend some time searching.  When bargain hunting, it is important to be in the right frame of mind and to have lots of time to spend.  Great deals sell out quickly, even better deals take a commitment to find.  So once you have a list of what you are looking for it is time to start the hunting process.  Walking into a store might seem overwhelming, but the only way to find the most items is to search the sales racks one article of clothing at a time.  Simply skimming over the racks can result in you missing a must get deal.  So be prepared to spend some time hunting, the people who spend the time usually find the greatest deals.


    Buying Electronics

    One of the most difficult items to find great deals on are electronics.  The first question people ask when they see a great price on a television or other high end electronic product is what is wrong with it.  The answer could be that it is poorly made or has a flaw in its design; however, the answer might be that it was simply a product that was over produced or an older model.  The challenge is telling the difference.  Once again this is where research and diligence pays off. If you see a deal pull out your smart phone and google the product. Search for reviews and consumer reports and see if the product gets high scores.  If it is highly rated see when the product was released.  Some great deals on electronics cans be found by simply finding products that are a bit older.  Buying last year’s model could be a serious upgrade over what you already have and you get it at a great price.  Finally, make sure you just don’t just buy something on a gut feeling.  Stores want you to feel like you are getting a great deal, the challenge is ensuring you get one.


    Buying ASIS Merchandise

    The key to buying ASIS merchandise successfully is understanding what ASIS merchandise is.  The simple definition of ASIS merchandise is any product that is open or being sold with some sort of defect.  This type of product is always final sale and the price is marked to sell.  The best way to find a great deal is to determine why the product is being sold ASIS.  There are many reasons; it could be an old display, it could be an open box item, it can be a returned item, or it could be an item with minor damage or a minor defect.  The best way to ensure you are getting a great deal is understanding what you are buying.  When in doubt you can simply ask.  Most store associates or even managers will be up front with why the product is marked down and if they feel it is a good deal.  Electronic displays still might have a manufacturer’s warranty or might offer a guarantee that can be purchased to make sure your purchase is protected.  So don’t shy away from looking at open box of slightly used products, just make sure you understand their full history and story prior to purchasing them.


    Accept Defeat

    The most important part of January bargain shopping is knowing when to quit.  Sometimes the item you are looking for might not be available or just might not have a great deal to be found.  Do not let this lack of luck discourage you and do not buy just because you feel like you have too.  Many people will end up buying something just so they feel like they got some sort of deal.  This often can result in wasting money and ending up with something you will not wear or want.  Finally do not be in a rush to spend a holiday gift card you might have received either.  Most of these cards do not devalue with time and it is in your best interest to wait for another season and another sale to buy.  Do not spend gift cards or money wastefully.  Remember the most important part of bargain hunting in January, have fun and find some great deals.