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    What Is a Credenza?

    A credenza in it’s simplest terms is a cupboard or sideboard. Traditionally, credenzas are used for staging and tasting meals before serving, but are now used in many different areas of the home or office. These days, a credenza is the cabinet-style piece of furniture that flanks a desk or conference table as a second workspace and storage area.

    Benefits of an office credenza

    The primary benefit of the credenza is that it offers a stylish solution for extra storage space and an additional work surface. This is especially useful for meetings when you might need more room to spread out, take notes, and collaborate on projects.  A credenza also helps you reduce clutter and stay organized by providing out-of-sight storage that is easily accessible but not in the way on a day to day basis.

    In addition, the style benefits of a credenza can help bump up your status at work. A credenza is commonly used for executive offices and offers a bit of a status upgrade. Credenzas and other furniture are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes to match and coordinate with existing furniture, or you can create a unique look from scratch.

    Key benefits of the credenza:

    • Provides additional work surface
    • Offers extra storage space and better organization
    • Facilitates meetings and collaborative work
    • Can fit any office decor or style
    • Offers a sophisticated and executive feel to your office decor

    Types of credenzas

    There are a variety of styles when you begin shopping for a credenza. Considering the type of office where the credenza will be used is your first step toward making sure you pick the right credenza for the job.

    Home office credenza desks and furniture

    In a home office, selecting the right credenza is more about practicality and making the most of the space available. Credenzas that feature storage space like cabinets and drawers, or even a full hutch, will help you keep your home workspace organized.

    Credenza furniture and sets for your home office:

    Executive credenza desks

    As mentioned before, an executive office or suite is the perfect place for a stylish credenza or desk set. Ina larger, more executive style office, you have more freedom to select larger or more ornate furniture pieces for exactly the decor you want. A credenza with a hutch provides additional storage solutions. Executive offices typically have richer, darker finishes on furniture.

    Credenza desks and sets for your executive office:

    Features of a credenza

    A credenza is typically a closed cabinet style piece of furniture but sometimes also features open shelving. It can be decorative and ornate with embellished carvings and hardware, or it might be simple, sleek, and modular, capable of blending in with any decor.

    Your credenza will feature some combination of the following storage features:

    • Cabinets
    • Drawers
    • Hutch
    • Pedestal
    • Shelving

    Some credenzas also feature a lock on one or more drawers or cabinet doors for privacy and security.

    Credenza office furniture

    Now you are ready to find the perfect credenza for your home or office space. A simple search on the Furniture Wholesalers website can lead you to a selection of standalone credenzas and desk sets for any office decor! Nothing adds professional style and credibility to your workspace like a quality credenza. Browse today to find a new furniture piece for your office.

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