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    Top 5 Requirements for a Home Office

    Top 5 Requirements for a Home Office

    In today’s modern professional environment, working from home has become the mainstay for many major companies.  People are no longer spending 40 hours a week sitting in the same chair in the same room, but a large number of people only have professional furniture at one office location.  Most people have a professional office set up that allows them to be comfortable and productive while at the office, however, many people lack the proper furniture to ensure maximum productivity while working from the home office.  Working from home can provide a feeling of comfort but also can provide a wide array of distraction so it is important to ensure you have a professional work place, to separate work from life at home. 

    There are many ways to work from home without a dedicated office.  For example, you can work using the kitchen table and chairs, a simple set up anywhere using a laptop, or even from the couch.  Initially using these areas seems comfortable but after time it could blend the necessary barriers that exist between personal life and professional life.

    There are countless pieces of furniture available for purchase that suit many different needs.  We have assembled a list of 5 must have pieces for anyone working from home.


    1-Professional Desk

    Having to clean up the kitchen table every day after using it for work wastes time and could result in important papers being lost.  To combat this it is important to have at least some sort of small desk somewhere in the house.   This can be located in a dedicated home office room, or something as simple as a small desk in a bedroom, living room, basement, or any other area where it might fit.  Having a dedicated desk allows for a small work environment anywhere in the home and no need to completely empty the work surface every night.


    2-Ergonomic Office Chair

    While it might seem unnecessary at first to have a commercial style office chair at home, after a few weeks of sitting in a kitchen chair or a chair without ergonomic features your comfort level and productivity is likely to decline. Most chairs for the house are designed for a specific purpose; a kitchen table chair is designed with eating in mind and not built with the intention of all day use.  An ergonomic office chair offers features like lumbar support, seat height adjustment, and a wide assortment of other ergonomic features based on the chair.  These chairs are built specifically for use all day and are designed with features to prevent discomfort and kept the user comfortable and focused.  Having a dedicated office chair also helps separate the professional environment from the home environment and allows the user to focus on work and not back pain.


    3-Desk Lamp

    Most people adjust to the lighting sources around them instead of taking the more practical solution of getting a desk lamp.  There are a large number of lighting options out there that accommodate a large number of décor styles.  Being able to clearly see what you are reading not only makes you work more efficiently but it is better for the long term health of your eyes. 



    In the digital world, it is easy to look past the need for paper storage.  It is true that more information is kept and stored digitally then ever before, though there is still a need to have some information on traditional paper.  There are many options for storing these papers.  A lot of desks have built in drawers and many furniture lines offer storage cabinets, lateral files, or mobile pedestals.  It is important to have some place to store your work papers so they don’t get blended in with house bills or other important personal documents.  In addition, having bookcases, lateral files, or other storage furniture pieces provide a great counter top to place anything from a printer to a lamp and to free up space on your office desk.


    5-Desktop Organizers

    There are numerous products out there that help keep a desk neat and organized and these are of particular importance for the home office.  Having an organized desk helps keep productivity levels high and allows for papers to be found quickly and efficiently.  Modern desktop organizers offer features such as power or USB plugs that allow you to charge multiple devices.  In addition having an organized desk allows for a neat and clean home and helps ensure the stresses of work remains in the work place and is not visible after work hours.  This helps create an important divide between professional life and social life. 


    Having a home office is great and helps save money because you no longer have to factor gas price and commute time into your daily life.  If you found these tips helpful please share on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

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