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    The Time to Buy is Now

    The Time to Buy is Now

    Almost all of us hesitate when it comes to spending money.  We want to make sure we get the most bang for our buck.  Although this is usually wise and being cautious with our funds is important, it is equally as important to pull the trigger and make a purchase.  Things sell out, prices change, and sometimes we miss optimal use of an item because we waited too long for a sale.  Below is a few reasons to consider making your purchase sooner than later.


    Seasonal Items

    In today’s global economy, stores and even online websites focus on products for the next season or holiday.  For example, with summer starting, now is the time shorts and tee shirts are advertised everywhere.  If you want to get the best items it is important to purchase sooner than later.  If you wait too long for a sale you miss the prime season to enjoy the products you are purchasing.  In addition, most companies have some sort of price guarantee.  If an item does go on sale, within a reasonable time from purchase, odds are you can get some money back and get to enjoy the item for a longer period of time.  Finally, nothing is worse than waiting too long and to find out the size or color you had your heart set on is gone.  Popular items sell out first, it is true that most stores can special order the same item for you, but the feeling of instant satisfaction is ruined by the wait.  So next time you see that new outfit that you have to have, don’t wait, it is important to treat yourself sometimes.


    Price Increase

    Many shoppers often wait a few weeks to see if an item they want goes on sale.  This plan sometimes pays off but can also backfire.  As costs rise companies will pass along the new costs by increasing prices.  Although many companies avoid doing this in season, sometimes it is not possible to wait.  The risk of price increases is even more prevalent than usual in today’s economy.  Currently the political administration is utilizing tariffs to force trade negotiations.  For those of us who do not know, a tariff, is a tax placed on an important item.  This means companies have to pay more money for product because of this tax.  Whether you agree with the current use of tariffs or not is irrelevant, as a result things will get more expensive.  Companies will need to raise prices to help pay for these tariffs and these same companies will pass that expense on through price increases.  It is not only tariffs that can cause price increases.  If the cost of gasoil increases significantly, the cost to transport products will also increase.  As a result companies will compensate with price hikes.  There are a number of other factors that can lead to mark ups and we must be aware of what is happening in our society.  Current situations make it likely that prices will increase, so now may be the best time to buy.


    Deal Hunting

     Couponing and utilizing the internet to ensure you get the best price is a major hobby for many Americans.  Technology has also had an impact making deal hunting easier than ever.  The use of paper coupons is declining as more companies go digital.  Online coupons are cheaper for companies and easier to consumers to access.  It is no longer necessary to spend hours a week going through the newspaper to cut out coupons.   We can now simply utilize a search engine or coupon app on our smart phone to get the deal we are looking for.  Most stores will no longer even need printed copies, coupons can be scanned right from a phone.  So if you have a major purchase to make utilize all the tools available to you and spend a few minutes doing research, it will pay off in savings.  Finally, it is important to remember that some companies still have exclusive print only coupons.  So checking the paper is still a smart thing to do from time to time.



    Almost every deal hunter is drawn to clearance racks, you never know what you may find on them.  Discounted items can be found everywhere and there are great deals to be found, patience is the only thing required.  Most items in a clearance or end of life area are there for a reason.  They were ugly, not as useful as the designer thought, or they were a simple failed attempt to make money.  Don’t let these piles of junk discourage you from looking.  Often times there are items that are great steals.  These items end up on clearance because they are the last of its kind or just got forgotten about in a stockroom somewhere.  A store that is usually a mess and disorganized typically has some of the best deals because products get forgotten about for long periods of time.  So if you don’t find something at first glance, look a little deeper.  If you still come up short, take it as a sign that today is not the day for you and come back another time.  One thing is for certain, if you spend enough time looking you will eventually find yourself a steal.


    You Never Know

    It does not matter what you are shopping for, there is always the risk of over paying or missing a sale.  In addition, things sell out and we never really know what the next must have item will be.  As technology continues to advance so does the speed in which we live and do business.  Years ago before the internet items were in stores longer and stayed the same price for longer.  The global economy and the increase speed of information has changes this.  Companies react to changing situations quick and change models sooner.  Items can be sold to anyone in the country through the internet and most successful businesses have already adapted to this.  People want things quickly and for great prices and current economical situations almost guarantee demand will increase and with it prices will increase.  You never know if what you want will be available tomorrow or if a newer more expensive replacement product will take its place.   As a result it is important to buy now.  Do not spend too much time worrying about money and if you really want something find a way to make it happen.  You will not regret it.


    Finally, remember to live within your means.  We all have some sort of fixed income and it is important to live within our means.  So if you do go on a major shopping spree remember to save some money elsewhere.  Going into debt is never advisable.