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    Summer Construction

    Summer Construction

    The sun is shining bright and the weather is warm, but with summer comes some headaches.  One of the most frustrating things we deal with during the summer time is the inconvenience of construction.   Roads and highways are an integral part of our daily lives and any interruption to the roadways flow can cause massive delays.  It is unfortunate but these delays are necessary and unavoidable.  We all want smooth, pothole free, roads to drive on and to achieve this a lot of work must be done.  Supporting the infrastructure of our towns, states, and countries driving lanes is an expensive and critical part of life in America and summer is when most of the work must be done.  


    Pot Holes

    We all hate potholes in the roads, and we all agree they must be dealt with; however, simple patch jobs never quite do the trick.  Our pathed streets are constantly being abused by the weather, the traffic on them, and the shifting earth that they are built on.  Potholes can be caused by any number of issues that are beyond our control and to fix them permanently, roads need to be completely resurfaced. Temporary fixes are quickly washed away by water and other elements and with time the problem only becomes worse.  The only real solution is major construction.  Lanes will have to be closed and work must be done.  Depending on the situation roadways can be resurfaced fairly quickly but the work will cause delays for a short period of time.  In order to rid the world of pot holes we must deal with the consequences of repair.



    To properly resurface and repair freeways or small sides streets it is important to close certain areas to ensure the work can be done safely and properly.  Based on where the construction is, this can impact some of our commutes to and from work or to and from just about anywhere massively. A two minute drive can suddenly become a ten minute adventure and there is nothing we can do to change this.  Although it is annoying handling the situation properly can save a lot headaches and grief.  Step one to dealing with these issues is to be informed.  Road projects of public records and information about them should be widely available, so do your research and be prepared.  If we know when the project is starting and what roads will be affected we can properly plan.  Knowing the construction is going on allows us to plan alternate routes or account for the extra time so we leave early.  Like anything else in life being informed and prepared for closures will help us deal with their unpleasant side effects.


    Being Safe

    Speed limits in construction areas are almost always reduced and it is very important that we respect and follow these new road rules.  Construction zones are dangerous places for both workers and drivers and we must all do our part to ensure there are no major incidents.  It is easy to get caught in traffic and to try to make up lost time by going a bit fast but we often forget how dangerous this can be.   People are working on the road with vehicles driving by them, this is a dangerous place to work.  These people are paid to do a job and they do not want their lives to be put at risk because you are worried about being a few minutes late. In addition, the slower speed limits are for the driver’s safety as well.  Road conditions are changed by construction and the surfaces are often altered and different during the process.  Some roads will have bigger bumps in them and some might have more gravel pieces rolling around on them.  It does not really matter what has changed but it is important to drive slower is the speed limit is reduced.  The slower speed ensure you are safe, the construction workers are safe, and the people sharing the roadway with you are safe.  Do not put anyone at risk over a few minutes, so drive calmly and patiently and ensure that everyone gets through the day safely.


    The Orange Cones

    Most of us hate the sight of the annoying orange cones that line the roadways during the summer.  Half of us can’t even figure out why they are there half of the time.  Work might not be going on or the work being done might be a few miles away, yet we see the cones and are inconvenienced by them.  Understanding all the reasons the cones are placed on the roads is not important but understanding that they are there for a reason is.  Construction work is complicated and involves many companies doing many things to achieve success.  These cones are critical for safety and for good quality work.  We must come to terms that we often do not have all the information when an area is closed off.  It might look ready for use but there could be hidden problems or detail work to be done.  So yes, the sight of these cones is annoying because it means delays are likely, but we must remember their importance.  For every cone that you see, think of a pothole that is being fixed, think of the people doing work in the area, and think of your own safety.  Don’t let road construction frustrate you and cope with its existence in the proper way.  Finally, remember that there is a cost for anything that is worth doing and a small delay for a few months for high quality roadways is well worth it.