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    Tip for last minute shopping

    Tip for last minute shopping

    With Christmas on the horizon, many of us have a lot of shopping left to do.  Most of us strive to give the best gifts to our friends and families and go to great lengths to ensure we make everyone on our list happy on Christmas day.  This sounds easy; however, finding the right gift this close to Christmas can be very stressful and lead to long shopping adventures.  Many stores are starting to sell out of items and some of us might begin to settle on second choices.  Below you will see some tips to help you find great gifts for the people still left on your list.

    The Internet

     When stores sell out of product or size you are looking for, you still have time to order online.  Many people worry that ordering an item and receiving it in time this close to Christmas is impossible; however, this is far from the truth.  Many major companies like Amazon offer prime service which ensures the item is delivered within two business days.  In addition, most major big box stores have a date clearly posted that if an item is ordered now it is still guaranteed to be there.  If a store’s guaranteed date has passed, don’t worry.  It still might be possible to pay for overnight shipping and still receive the item on time.  When shopping online, ensure you read the guaranteed delivery dates.  Companies advertise this to help close the sale when you are shopping on their website.

    Buy Online - Pick Up in Store

    One of the growing trends in retail the last year or two has been the development of inventory systems and computer software that allow you to order items online and pick up at your local store.  This can be a huge help if you are searching for a certain size or color that your local store might not have anymore.  This new online shopping feature lets you see which stores within the company who runs the website you are on, has the product in stock and allows you to pay for it to guarantee that it becomes yours.  This type of shopping can help you save the time and the effort of traveling all around the city searching stores yourself.  It is also less frustrating then calling a busy store and waiting for someone to check stock and put an item on hold.   Especially since some stores will have a no hold policy or a very short hold period this close to Christmas.  One important thing to keep in mind is to wait for a confirmation e-mail before you go to the store.  Almost every website you order from will advise you wait a short period of time so they can confirm the store still has the item and they can prepare it for you.  Once you get the email confirmation it is as simple as going to the store and picking up the order.  Just remember to bring an ID.

    Be Willing to Wait

    If you do not have success with the option listed above it might be time to be creative on Christmas day and be willing to wait until after Christmas to actually receive the item.  Many companies can no longer promise the item will arrive in time but that does not mean you are out of hope.  It is okay to not have the actual item to give on Christmas morning.  If you know that a particular gift is a must and it won’t arrive on time box up a picture or a receipt and put it under the tree.  It initially feels bad not having the item on that day but knowing you are getting exactly what someone wants is still a great feeling.  The recipient of the gift will also get a great sense of happiness knowing that they will be getting a must have item on their list.

    Be Creative

    In the modern digital age, we have become too dependent on cell phones, the internet, and other mobile apps to ensure we buy the right item.  Kids can now e-mail a picture of what they want to just about anyone.  Although this is a great way to ensure you are giving a gift that will be used, it does lack creativity.  Thinking about who you are buying for and coming up with a great idea on your own is becoming a lost art.  It is still possible to buy a gift for someone that they might actually enjoy more than anything they put on their list.  In addition, a lot of children have no sense of money and budgeting and ask for things that are not possible.   When this happens it is time to start being creative.  Brainstorm and even look online or in store for your own creative gift ideas.  Do not be afraid to take a gamble.  Being creative with the gifting process can result in some of the biggest holiday wins and can actually be fun while buying the gift itself.  Sometimes the easy thing to do is buying some shirt off a list can be boring for you and it can be boring when opening the present.  Be creative and think outside the box, some of the best holiday memories are made this way.

    Forget Material Items

    A fact that is often forgotten about during the holiday season is how not all gifts have to be material possessions.  An adventure or a vacation can sometimes be the greatest gift.  The holidays are about being with friends and families and instead of wasting money on clothing, toys, or electronics.  Spend some money on flights, tickets, or hotels.  A trip or a day trip adventure can sometimes be the best gift you ever give or receive.  Do not be scared to buy tickets to a big sporting event or a concert instead of buying material possessions.  These gifts often create life long memories and are far more valuable than any item that you can wrap and put under a tree.


    The holiday season can be stressful and expensive but do not let that stand in your way.  Remember the holidays should be a fun time for all so do not spend too much time worrying about gifts and do not go crazy when doing some last minute shopping.   Use the tips above to ensure you get some great gifts but remember to have fun while doing it.  Finally have a happy holiday season.