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    Sharing the Holiday Magic

    Sharing the Holiday Magic

    Now that we are in December, we are at the climax of the holiday season.  People are busy shopping to buy everything they need to make sure their gift list is fully checked off in time for the holidays.   However, the holidays are about a lot more than gifts.  A big part of December is spreading some holiday joy.  Below you will find some simple and fun ways to help spread the love and give back to your community this holiday season. 

    Food Bank/ Food Drive

    One of the easiest things to do to help others during the holiday season is to get involved at the local food banks.  If you are unsure of how to contribute in the most helpful way, simply ask.  You can ask the local food bank directly or get involved in a number of different ways, for example many churches will partner with a food bank for the holiday season.   Some food banks will ask for food donations and others might need some volunteer help.  It does not matter if you donate food or time, both matter a great deal.  Look up some programs that are going on in your area and really make a difference in the best possible way this holiday season.

    Fund Raising Events

    Another great way to support nonprofit organizations during the holiday season is to buy tickets and attend a fundraiser.  Many organizations host events to support a wide variety of charities.  These events can be dinners, silent auctions, raffles, or any just about anything else you can think of.  By buying a ticket and attending or participating in a fundraiser where you purchase something you are supporting a great cause and having fun at the same time.  Being generous and having fun make great partners and they can help make your holiday season and the holiday season of those in need, much more enjoyable.

    Add an Extra Person to Your List

     Another great way to make a difference in someone else’s life this holiday season is by adding a person in need to your gift list.  There are countless organizations out there that help get kids in need gifts to open for the holiday.  These could be children with illnesses, children who have lost their parents, or children who won’t be able to celebrate the holidays without the kindness of others for a number of other reasons.  Some organizations will ask for random gifts and other might pick a certain child for you and give you a wish list to shop from.  Programs like these are a great way to help spread some holiday joy.  Adding one more gift to the list might make you stretch your budget a little more but making a difference in someone else’s life gives you a great sense of satisfaction.  So don’t forget to include one more gift in your shopping cart this season to make a difference in someone else’s life.

    Donate Change

    Almost every retail store will ask you for a donation this holiday season at the checkout register.  This does get old real fast but do not lose sight that these donations matters.  If a company asks you for a dollar or to simply round up your change, consider doing it on occasion.  It is not possible to give to everyone every time you are asked but make sure to give a little.  A few pennies are not a lot of money for every individual person but if everyone donated a single penny every time, they bought something that can add up to a large amount of money for charity.  So, when you are asked, consider saying yes on occasion.  Finally if you have hit your limit of donations for the season politely decline.  Do not make the employee asking feel bad about it.  They are doing their job and trying to help others, it is okay to decline but do so in a kind and respectful manor.

    Don’t Forget about Animals

    We spend so much time focusing on our families and people during the holiday season it is easy to forget about our fury friends.  The holiday season is also a great time to help a local humane society or local pet adoption center.  This can be done in a number of different ways.  Some places need donations in cash or pet food to enable them to care for the under privileged animals.  Other organizations might be in need of volunteers to help care for the animals and make sure they get the attention they need.  The best way to figure out the ideal way to help is to once again ask.  Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest impact.  See if a shelter needs help walking some pets to ensure they don’t spend all day in a cage or see if they need food or even help bathing the animals.  Helping for even a single hour or maybe two can make a huge difference.  So consider spending a little time with animals in need this holiday season, you can even make it a family outing to remember.

    There is no wrong way to help others.  Some people prefer to give time, others prefer to give money.  There is no wrong way to give.   Take a few minutes and figure out the best way for you to contribute to society this holiday and remember to spread the holiday joy.  Finally make sure to involve others and have fun doing it.  Giving can provide you with the best sense of satisfaction.  Do not miss your opportunity.