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    Great Gifts for the Office

    Great Gifts for the Office

    Thanksgiving has passed and now we are in the holiday season.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the busiest shopping time of the year.  We look to buy gifts for friends and loved ones and we even try to snag a few deals for ourselves along the way.  The big gifts such as televisions, clothing items, and just about anything else one might use for a variety of hobbies are still prevalent; however, it is important that we also get some practical gifts as well.  Below you will see some great gift ideas that are not just generous but are practical as well.

    New Desk Chair

    When was the last time you, or any member of your office, got a comfort upgrade?  If you are using an inexpensive bargain chair, you might be clueless on what you are missing.   Items such as chairs have a wide price range among different models and you do get what you pay for.  High end office chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind and are far more comfortable than cheap chairs.  This holiday season might be a great time to upgrade your chairs; the office chairs at home, your commercial office chair or the chairs of others who work for you.   A new office chair will help modernize the look of your office and will ensure everyone who receives a new chair works while being comfortable.  This item also makes a great office gift.  It is to the benefit of the company and the employee who will be using the chair.  So think about upgrading your office seating as a gift to everyone in the workplace this year. Being comfortable is priceless, so why not invest some money to ensure you and your coworkers are as comfortable as possible.

    New Desk

    What type of desk do you use at home or at the office?  If you are a manager, what type of desks do your employees use?  Having a quality work surface is important to helping us get our daily tasks done.  Not having enough space can cause us to spend more time than we should to organize our areas.   Furthermore, having a desk that is the wrong color, shape, or size for a certain area can lead to our work space feeling cramped and overcrowded.  So instead of holding on to extra business capital at the end of the year, spend some money on a new setup.  This can be part of a holiday gift to the entire office and can modernize the look of your office at the same time.   In addition, there are many other options that can added to an existing desk to help modernize it.  Standing at work is the new trend and there are desk adaptors that allow you to make an existing desk a sit/stand work area.   This is a simpler and less expensive way to change the landscape of the office.  So instead of giving trinket office gifts this year, spend some money and make a commitment to upgrading your workplace setting.

    Home Office Upgrade

    Most of us spend much more time working at home than we used to, however, most of us have not upgraded our home office or work area to accommodate all the extra time we spend there.  This holiday give a gift yourself and upgrade your home office.  Take the time to design a space that is ideal for you.   This space should match the décor of your home but have a slightly different feel to it.  You need a space that allows you to focus on work and leave the distractions of your personal life behind.  The first thing you need to do is identify what space will be used for your home office.  Make sure this area is free of distractions and can be cut off from other areas when need be.  Second it is time to look at furniture.  What type of desk do you want?  What design style do you want? What size desk will fit in this area?  Once you have the answers to these simple questions it is time to start shopping.  Make sure to measure twice and make sure you get what you want prior to ordering something.  Do not be afraid to ask questions or to ask for color samples to make sure what you see is what you are getting.  Finally, don’t forget about the chair.  Most of us spend more time sitting in an office chair than any other seat so it is important for it to be comfortable and to have a style that you enjoy.

    Smaller Options

    It would be nice to upgrade our furniture every year but that is not always practical; however that does not mean there are not simple ways to improve an existing area.  Some simple alternatives make great office gifts.  Small desktop organizers and paper trays are not expensive but can be very useful and can make a big impact on your desk.  In addition, some simple tech upgrades such as a new keyboard or new mouse might go a long way and be greatly appreciated.  Office gifts do not have to be large and expensive to be practical.  A lot of the time smaller items have the largest impact and are the most appreciated. When the budget for holiday gifts is slim, be smart.  Think about what items can make a big impact for your employees, peers, and bosses.  Sometimes the best gifts are the least expensive.

    Holiday time at the office can be a lot of fun.  People decorate their areas; think about gifts for their friends and families, and try to spread some holiday cheer.  This time of year is also a great time to upgrade the office and make it a better place for everyone who works in it.  So spend some time and do some research and see if you can give the gift of a better work environment this holiday season.