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    Heroes Among Us

    Heroes Among Us

    There are heroes all around us that go unnoticed.  They play important parts of our lives and often do not get the credit they deserve.  What makes a hero?  If you ask a child it might be being a great sports star or a major TV or public figure; however, as we grow older we start to realize what makes people great and who our real role models should be.

    Sports Stars

    There are professional athletes that deserve to be called heroes.  Some are great role models for their family, peers, and communities they live in.  Although being a star athlete has nothing to do with being a hero.  Heroes need to make a difference in people’s lives for the good and be a role model for overcoming adversity.  They need to make good decisions and be about improving the community and the world around them.  Unfortunately, this is not the mold that many modern-day athletes follow.  Many are about the fame and wealth and the spotlight.  It would be unfair to group all professional athletes together and to not recognize the people who deserve credit for great actions.  So when you are idolizing an athlete make sure you know who they are outside of their sport.  Are they good role models for the community, are they good role models for children?  Make sure you know who the athletes really are and give them credit or criticism accordingly.

    Fictional Heroes

    It is easy to pick a fictional character to be a hero.   The modern movie focus on super heroes and heroic story lines make choosing any number of characters as a hero easy.  People love Marvel or DC comic Heroes or even Jedi, but once again are the people worthy of being a real life role model.  Most of these characters seemingly fight for what is good and just in their eyes but at what cost.   Most movie or TV fictional heroes are covered in blood.  They often resort to violence and are seen killing multiple people.   Unfortunately, it is easier and more entertaining from a viewing stand point to kill and have long action scenes then to solve problems in more productive ways.  Super heroes rarely sit down and work together with others in peaceful ways.  Finding a peaceful solution to a problem is a more heroic way of conducting yourself then resorting to violence and that is the message we must send to our children.  So make sure you do not let yourself or your children pick a hero that is popular because it might send the wrong message.

    Police, Fire Fighters, and Teachers

    A more reasonable hero for children and many people are the civil servants that often go unnoticed in our society.  There are stories of courage under fire and in extreme circumstances everyday and all around us and we are often so accustomed to these things in daily life that we ignore them.  Many teachers make positive impacts in people’s lives every day.  They not only help educate our children, but they help them grow up.  A great teacher can show our children and even many parents the difference between right and wrong.  They can help identify a child’s needs and can play a key role in children’s development.   There can be nothing more heroic than making a difference in a child’s life.  In addition, there are countless stories of police and firefighters that get ignored daily.  These people will often risk their lives to help others.  Unfortunately the modern news is full of stories of bad police officers.  We often take the poor choices of a few individuals and assume the whole group is corrupt.  There are so many more good cops than bad cops and we must focus on this in our community and in our families.  Let the stories of real heroes be told and the honorable deeds be acknowledged.  These every day heroes are all around us and we must tell their success stories more readily and not focus on the bad stories as much.

    Parents & Grandparents

    There is probably no greater hero in any of our lives than our parents or grandparents.  Unfortunately, we must acknowledge once again that there are bad parents out there; however, the number of good parents by far exceeds the bad.   Parents and grandparents help shape who we are.  They are often there to encourage us to succeed and console us when we fail.  We are made in their image and their impact on our lives can never truly be measured.  They raise us and teach us what is right and what is wrong.  Parents teach their children how to be better and how to do more and we can never thank them enough.  Father’s day and Mother’s day seem like small rewards for the countless days and years of support parents provide to the children of the world.  Parents sacrifice for their children’s good and make great efforts to ensure the next generation has a better life then they did.  Parents and grandparents are the most important heroes anyone can have and we must realize this and acknowledge this.  We can never give our parents as much as they have given us.


    Heroes exist all around us.  From parents to police to teachers, they all have a major impact on our lives and the community around us.  So next time we talk about heroes do not get lost in flash and glamour and talk about a hero in your life.  Talk about the people around you who have made your life and your families and friends lives better.  They are the real heroes and the ones who deserve credit.

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