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    Finding the Ideal Workout Routine

    Finding the Ideal Workout Routine

    People are different and our bodies and what we need differ greatly as a result.  In the modern era, healthcare is a huge industry but often we ignore the other wellness service providers that can be equally, if not more, important.  Fitness services like gyms and spas are a huge business in America, there are a wide variety of types and they all are a bit different.  So how do you know which one is right for you?  Below you will see a few different options based on what they aim to achieve.  Read and maybe you will find one that is a perfect fit for you.



    One of the biggest trends in fitness over the last decade has been cross-fit or exercise programs based on the cross-fit concept.   It is hard to define exactly what cross-fit is because it is such a broad category.  In simple terms, a cross-fit class is a class that combines cardio with strength training in several different ways.  Some classes and gyms will base its concept on body weight and resistance exercises while other will incorporate weights.  So how do you know if cross-fit is right for you?  The easiest way to tell is to try a class or two at a few different gym locations and see how you feel.  In addition, you should evaluate your goals and see if they match what you get out of cross-fit.  Most cross-fit exercises help with overall strength and endurance.  They are great for people who have office jobs and are not very active during the day; however, people who work on their feet can also participate.  If you have an active job just make sure you save some energy and prep for the class by drinking enough water.



    Yoga has been a growing type of exercise routine for the last decade or so.  There are many different variations and styles of yoga and some gyms even have hot yoga where you have class in a heated room.  The heated room helps the muscles relax and helps with your flexibility.  The disciple of yoga is slower paced then cross-fit but it should not be taken lightly.  People who have never experienced a yoga class are in for a surprise, it is a lot more difficult than you can imagine. Furthermore, there are many different levels and advanced yoga participants are incredible to watch.  What makes yoga unique is that it is a slower paced class that focuses heavily on flexibility and balance.  However, when you become well practiced at yoga you will also become much stronger.  Yoga focuses on different poses that open up the joints of the body and stretches many muscles and ligaments.  Some of the poses help you build strength and many others stress flexibility.  So how do you know if yoga fits your needs?  Like any exercise the best way to know is to try it.  Although knowing what you want is key.  If you are constantly tight in many muscle areas, yoga might be the ideal solution.  Its focus on flexibility is unmatched by any other major gym class.



    One of the oldest exercises around remains one of the most popular.  Never under estimate the value of running, biking, or any other type of cardio exercise.  Raising the heart rate and getting your steps in would make any doctor happy, but you should have a goal in mind when you start your cardio workouts.   Maybe you are training for a marathon or a triathlon, maybe you are doing it to burn calories and stay at a certain weight, or maybe you are doing it just to live a healthy life style.  There is no wrong reason to bike or run and there clearly is a benefit.  Treadmills remain one of the most popular home exercise pieces of equipment because walking or running is simple but gets results.  In addition, if you are new to fitness, walking and running is a great place to start.  Get your body accustom to working before you try taking your exercise routines to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete there is always a benefit from a cardio exercise.


    Weight Training

    Another popular American fitness pastime is weight training.  This is a broad category and can include people who just want to be a bit stronger or people who are serious body builders who want to put on some serious size.  What is important in weight lifting is having a plan and knowing what your goals are.  The best way to get results is to have a systematically designed routine.  These systems allow you to focus on certain muscle groups at certain times allowing them to get a quality workout while other muscle groups recover and rest from their previous workouts.  There are many ways to get a proper routine.  You can look online or start reading fitness magazines.  There is a ton of information out there on different weight lifting programs and they are not difficult to come across.  Furthermore, if you are not sure how to get started it might be in your best interest to hire a personal trainer.  This is a certified professional who can help you design a routine that is best for your individual goals and body.  Finally, when working with weights it is important to have proper form.  If you are not sure how to do an exercise properly look it up and do some research.  If you are still not sure ask some friends you make at the gym or hire a professional.  Weight lifting can be dangerous if it is not done properly so make sure you understand what you are doing first.


    Resistance Training

    One of the best workout disciplines out there is one of the simplest.  Resistance training uses your own body weight or a system of rubber cables to simulate resistance.  This can be as simple and doing push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups or as complex as using suspension trainers that suspend part of your body to create resistance.  This type of exercise does not involve weights but can be as challenging as weight lifting.  In addition, swimming would also count as a resistance exercise (and a cardio exercise as well).  Swimming uses water to create drag and allows you to use that resistance to strengthen your body.  Resistance training is a great way to get lean and strong at the same time.  You typically burn a lot of calories and gain strength when participating in any type of resistance training.  Furthermore, unlike weight lifting you also strengthen the ligaments between muscles and you typically do not put on as much body mass as you would while weight training.  Resistance training is an excellent wat to start working out and a great way to live a healthier lifestyle.


    There is no right or wrong way to work out just different. What is important is that you make some sort of fitness commitment and you stick with it.  If you are not sure try a few different things and see what works best for your body and your work and life routine.  Once you find the habit that works best for you, you’ll know it.  So, start the journey to your healthier life, you will not regret it.