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    Being Polite

    Being Polite

    We live in a very busy society.  People these days are in such a hurry to get things done and to get to where they are going that we forget common courtesy.  Too many times do we cut in front of someone in line or fail to hold the door open because we cannot be bothered.  The days of talking to people on trains and buses are gone as smart phones and tablets become a mainstay of traveling.  Even though times are changing it is important that we do not forget the past and it is important for us to slow down and to be polite.


    On the Road

    Everyone runs late occasionally and we spend too much time worrying about it.  It is important to get to work on time but not at a cost.  Trying to cut people off on the road or racing to make a yellow traffic light can be dangerous.  All of us know that but when we are worried about being late we tend to make bad choices.  We all get frustrated when someone drives aggressively and does not allow us to change lanes but how many times are we guilty of doing the same thing.  Driving is the likely the most dangerous activity we do on a daily basis and we need to remember this.   Before we embark on any journey it is important to take a deep breath and calm ourselves down.  It is important to be a courteous driver on the road and even more important to be less aggressive.  It is for our own safety and for the safety of everyone on the road.  Finally, if you are always in a hurry it might be time to have a realization and change your schedule a bit so you can leave earlier or start work later.


    Using Proper Words

    Do you say please and thank you often?  Many of us think we do but in reality we fall far short of the goal.  We get busy and are in so much of a hurry that we often forget common courtesy.  How we talk to family, friends, and co-workers matters.  People like to feel valuable and people need to feel respected. Often times we lose sight of this and as a result we can sometimes come off as being rude even if that is not our intent.  None of us can do everything ourselves and we often need help.  When this happens make sure to take a step back and remember to ask graciously.  When we say please people are more willing to help us.  When we thank people for their help they are more willing to help us in the future.  What we are saying is important but often how we say something matters more.  Using the right words and using common courtesy gains us respect.  So make sure we think before we speak and always say thank you.


    Smart Phones

    Everyone has been annoyed by someone who will not put down a phone when we are speaking to them, but how often are we guilty of the same thing.  The days of waiting for the paper or waiting for the news to come on TV is now over.  We can get the latest information and all the sports scores on our mobile devices in live time now, but this comes at a cost.  Social face to face interactions are becoming the victims of the digital age.  People don’t even have to talk to their friends anymore, we can just e-mail or text them.  In addition, how much time do when spend on our phones when we are with our friends?  The answer is too much.   It is easy for a conversation to turn into a bunch of people looking at their devices to answer questions or for us to be distracted by a text from a co-worker.   When we are with our friends or family it is important to cherish the moment and not miss something because our smart phone starts vibrating.  If you know you are going to be at a meeting or out with friends it is okay to silence our phones and ignore them.  As a society we must get better at doing this.  No one wants to be the person who is so self-involved on their phone that they are no fun to be with.  So remember to cherish the moment and ignore the phone. 


    While Shopping

    By now everyone has been stuck behind someone in a checkout line that is on their phone.  It is painful to watch and likely annoying for the cashier working with the individual.  Why is it painful for everyone else?  The answer is simple, not giving the cashier your full attention slows things down and as a result everyone must wait.   People who work at counters are often busy and have other responsibilities to complete as well.  Making them wait for you to finish your phone conversation is rude.  When you are in line talk all you want but when it is your turn it is important to hang up and call someone back.  This allows you to give your full attention to whatever you are doing and will likely help you catch errors as well.  In addition, if there is a line it helps expedite the process for the other people can get their turns sooner.  Finally, thanks to internet shopping stores have to compete and cut costs.  This usually results in there being less people to help customers.  Talking on the phone while a clerk attempts to help you slows them down and prevents them from helping other people.  When you are in a store be courteous to its employees and talk to them.  Give them your full attention so they can give you the help you need without distractions. 


    The digital age is here to stay but we must remember that there is more to life then technology.  It is important to be kind to everyone around us, even strangers.  Remember next time you are in a hurry or are interested in the latest news to take a breath and remember your manners.  It is important to be respectful of everyone and doing so often costs us only a few minutes a day.