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    7 Tips for Starting Your Day Better

    7 Tips for Starting Your Day Better

    As the year heads toward the winter season it is easy to fall into a simple routine in the morning, but is it the routine that is best for you.  Many people take short cuts in the morning to get a little extra sleep; however, these shortcuts can set you back both mentally and physically all day long.  Below are some simple habits to help you start your day in the right foot.


    Start with Water

    Many people wake up and go right for the coffee pot to help jump start themselves for the day.  This habit seems harmless but coffee is a high caffeine drink and does not hydrate you.  There is no reason not to enjoy your morning cup of Joe but there is also no reason it has to be your first drink of the day.  When you first wake up have a glass of water first.  This simple step gets skipped by many people and the benefit of having water first will be noticeable.   After a few days of trying this you should notice feeling a bit better in the late morning and be better prepared to tackle the day.


    Skip the Snooze Button

    How many times do you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock every morning before you actually wake up?  Once is actually too much.  Hitting the button does get you a few extra minutes of rest but at what cost.  Being an avid snooze button user leads you to starting your day behind schedule at the start and you have to think about sleep quality.  Waking up hitting the snooze button and getting a few extra minutes of rest sounds nice but your body does not have enough time to get quality rest.  That extra 10 minutes can actually have a negative effect and lead to you being more tired throughout the day.  So next time you think about hitting the snooze button think twice.  Getting up when the alarm first goes off helps set a good trend and pace for the day.


    Account for Weather

    Do you check the weather forecast before you go to sleep at night?  If not you really should.  Knowing what the weather will be can help you get the morning started on time and help you get to work on time.  If you know it is going to snow you can set your alarm a little earlier so you have adequate time to deal with traffic and to brush off your car.  This habit is great to have every night before you go to sleep and being prepared for bad weather and its side effects will help keep you on schedule and help keep your stress level down. 


    Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day

    Your body needs fuel to run and the best way to ensure you are fueled up for the day is not skipping breakfast.  Having a well balanced meal in the morning is proven to be good for both long term and short term health.  This morning meal can be a simple bowl a cereal or a bacon and egg feast; it really doesn’t matter as long as you take the time to eat it.  So set your alarm a little earlier then you have been and ensure you get breakfast in.  You will notice an impact on how you fell throughout the day.  Keep in mind a proper breakfast should be more than a simple protean bar and it is also advised to avoid fast food breakfasts in favor of a homemade meal.


    Personal Hygiene

    Part of every morning routine should always include brushing your teeth, but is that all you do?  Being prepared for the day physically involves more than just a clean mouth.  Many people shower in the morning and many people to shower at night to save time in the morning.  If you shower at night don’t assume your body is ready to go when you wake up.  Take the extra time to wash your hands and face to ensure you are ready to go for the day.  It is also important to remember the deodorant and any other personal hygiene products you use as well. 


    Having time for Pets

    Dogs and cats are found in a large number of people’s homes.  They wonder the house resting and playing when they are alone but is that enough to keep them properly entertained all day.  Taking the dog for a morning walk or spending a few minutes playing and petting your cat will help them feel loved and help them get through the long day without you.  If you ignore your pets in the morning because you are tired or running late they can feel neglected and get bored causing them to scratch and bite things.


    Morning Exercise

    Morning exercise sounds like a lot of hard work but it really does not have to be.  Many people do full morning workouts to help them get going for the day but this seems like a lot of work for many people.  Spending a few minutes doing some basic stretches or yoga positions can go a long way for your long term health.  People who exercise tend to feel better throughout the day and tend to have less health problems.  So when you wake up tomorrow try a few basic exercises to start with and expand on them with time.  You will notice an impact on how you feel all day long.


    Waking up and preparing for the day is hard work.  You have a lot going on in a short period of time.  Try spending a little extra time every morning following these simple tips, the benefit to your day will be noticed.

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