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    Waiting Efficiently and Comfortably
    0 Waiting Efficiently and Comfortably

    No one enjoys waiting for a meeting or at the Doctor’s office, but it is a necessity.  People show up early or a meeting could last longer than expected.  We try to schedule our days to maximize our time and prevent wasting valuable minutes in a reception area.  However, things do not always go according to plan.  A client or patient might arrive early and we must all sometimes ask someone to wait a few minutes.  For that reason, having an efficiently designed and comfortable waiting area is nec...

    Play Ball!
    0 Play Ball!

    Spring has arrived which means Baseball is back.  The return of America’s pastime is not only about 162 baseball games that will be played by each team in a number of cities nationwide, even in Canada and now Puerto Rico, but also marks an unofficial start to spring and means summer is on the horizon.  In many places the first month of games are played in less than ideal condition but fans everywhere bare the cold weather to root on their team.  Baseball brings people together in many ways.  Bel...

    Social Media in the Office
    0 Social Media in the Office

    The digital age has created a whole new world known as social media.  This platform allows people to connect digitally through several different medias.  From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, social media has a place in the business world, but to what extent?  Social media can be used to help drive sales and name brand recognition but can also be used to provide distractions while at work. 


    Almost every company has some sort of social media presence in today’s digital economy.  Com...

    Understanding Shipping
    0 Understanding Shipping

    We live in a digital age highlighted by a digital marketplace.  The number of people buying and selling goods online keeps on increasing and more and more business is done online than ever before.  However, many consumers still do not understand how shipping works for the purchases they make.  Whether you buy from a big box store, Amazon, Ebay, or a small business online, the delivery of goods must take place.  Depending on what you purchase, the delivery can be simple or more complex.  Understa...

    Starting Your Day Right
    0 Starting Your Day Right

    The most skipped meal of the day is the most important.  Many people rush out of their homes just to sit in traffic to arrive at work on time.  Less and less people every year are waking up a bit early to eat a proper breakfast.  Whether you make the breakfast yourself or stop at a store, it is important to eat a healthy and nutritious meal to start the day.


    Millions of people every morning start their day with a fresh cup of coffee.  There are many varieties of this beverage and it is ...

    Finding the Ideal Desk
    0 Finding the Ideal Desk

    In today’s digital age, the options for office desk styles is limitless.  There are tons of brands, configurations, and features that make finding the ideal desk a challenge.  Whether you are shopping for your home office or professional office, there are several things to consider when choosing a desk that will be the right fit.   Below you will find some tips for helping to determine what desk style best suits your needs.



    There are many desk configurations out there: U-shape...

    Spring Break Travel Tips
    0 Spring Break Travel Tips

    Now that mid-March has arrived, many people start planning their spring break adventures.  Whether you are traveling as a family or going on a college type spring break trip there are many things that must be remembered to ensure your vacation goes off smoothly and without incident.  Below you will find a series of simple tips to prevent vacation headaches and nightmares.


    Confirm Your Reservations

    There are a lot of things to do in preparing to travel; however, ensuring you have transportat...

    Benefits of an Organized Office
    0 Benefits of an Organized Office

    Even though we have entered the digital age, we still manage to find ways to make a mess of our offices.  Papers and presentation packets end up all over our office and it still becomes a challenge to keep our desk work surfaces clean.  This can create a number of problems throughout the day.  Having a messy desk results in delays and mistakes; in addition, it represents us in a negative light when people come to visit the office.  Below is a list of habits that will help ensure our offices rema...

    The Importance of a Private Office
    0 The Importance of a Private Office

    With the rise of online commerce over the last several years, people and companies have started to focus on their image and brand and a lot less about their setting.  The new way of business has a lot of executives more worried about online positioning and website quality than the state of their offices; however, it is still important to have an executive office.  Having an office gives you a suitable place to work and to hold small meetings or conferences.  In addition, having an impactful offi...

    Tips for a Stress Free Tax Season
    0 Tips for a Stress Free Tax Season

    The holiday season has long past and January is also a distant memory.   The time for making resolutions is now over and everyone goes back to their regular work routine.  However, most people have yet to finish up the responsibilities of the previous year.   Now that normal life has returned, it is time to start to think about tax season and how to properly pay your taxes with as little grief as possible.   Below please find some tips to ensure you get your taxes completed quickly without too m...