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    Sit and Stand Desk Buying Guide

    Whether you’re working from your home office or you’re spending eight or more hours a day at a workplace, chances are that you’re spending most of your time sitting at a desk. It’s all too easy to get very focused on your work and before too long, you’ve spent six-plus hours of your day sitting, forgetting to get up and move around (unless it’s to go to a meeting or to get lunch or a cup of coffee).

    These days, however, there are other options. You don’t need to just sit at your desk all day. You can stay at your computer while having the choice about whether or not you want to sit… or stand.

    Sit-stand desks are a relatively modern phenomenon. There is an increasing amount of evidence that supports the idea that standing while working is not just healthier, it can improve efficiency and quality of work.

    A recent study reported that even just using a standing desk for 50% of the time resulted in an increased sense of well-being, energy, reduced appetite and decreased fatigue. With results like that, it is time to consider the benefits of sit-stand desks.

    Transform your Workspace

    Simply put, a sit-stand desk allows you to move the monitor and keyboard vertically, up and down, to suit your current posture. When sitting, the sit-stand desk is adjusted to a low level. If standing, the desk is adjusted upwards, to keep the keyboard and monitor at the correct height.



    It’s a fascinating concept. In several of our blog entries we’ve examined how important posture is to your health, and how important it is to stand up regularly to walk around. The sit-stand desk is an excellent way to address some of these health challenges.

    Some desks move up and down as a total unit. Not only is this the best option for individuals who spend the majority of their day at a computer, it also makes sense when space is limited. These desks are fully adjustable, allowing for more “traditional” desk use with a comfortable office chair. The model illustrated below operates with a single up/down switch, and raises/lowers using an electric motor.

    Global 60"W Height Adjustable Table

    Other models can be adjusted manually (using pneumatics), and come with optional casters to allow the desk to be easily moved from place to place.

    As well as fully adjustable desks, there are options that can be fitted to your existing desk, at very reasonable prices. There are even options for those who work with dual monitors.

    Balt 90531 Dual Monitor Sit and Stand Workstation

    The example above shows one of these two-screen models, and how it can be mounted to any regular desk. By adjusting the workstation correctly, the desk can be used regularly, and even when adjusted into the standing position, the existing desk remains fully functional.

    More Affordable Than Ever

    In the past, sit-stand desks were prohibitively expensive. However, with the recent growth in demand and improvements in the technology used to “transform” such desks, prices have become much more reasonable. It’s now possible to get a sit-stand desk for less than $500. It’s never been more affordable to get a sit-stand desk for your office, and mounting evidence suggests that it makes even more sense for your posture, your back, and your general health and wellness.

    Featured Brands

    We offer sit-stand desks in an increasing variety of sizes, styles and finishes – and all are backed by manufacturer warranties. Please note the dimensions of each desk to ensure the right fit for your available office space. A sit-stand desk is the first step into a healthier and more productive workspace for you and your team!

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