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    Manufacturer: Global

    Drift 8026 Stool

    Drift ‘pouf’ stools bring more people into the conversation. The ‘pouf’ stool can be used as a perch at workstations, a makeshift side table, or an ottoman to pair up with the lounge chair.
    • Urban Blue Bayou (UR12)*
      Urban Blue Bayou (UR12)*
    • Urban Beach Day (UR15)*
      Urban Beach Day (UR15)*
    • Urban Black Coal (UR22)*
      Urban Black Coal (UR22)*
    • Urban Boardwalk (UR16)*
      Urban Boardwalk (UR16)*
    • Urban Brown Ridge (UR22)*
      Urban Brown Ridge (UR22)*
    • Urban Earth (UR17)*
      Urban Earth (UR17)*
    • Urban Granite Rock (UR20)*
      Urban Granite Rock (UR20)*
    • Urban Gravel Road (UR21)*
      Urban Gravel Road (UR21)*
    • Urban Green Grass (UR13)*
      Urban Green Grass (UR13)*
    • Urban Ocean Blue (UR11)*
      Urban Ocean Blue (UR11)*
    • Urban Red Rose (UR10)*
      Urban Red Rose (UR10)*
    • Urban Sandcastle (UR14)*
      Urban Sandcastle (UR14)*
    • Urban Sandcastle (UR14)*
      Urban Sandcastle (UR14)*
    • Urban White Sand (UR19)*
      Urban White Sand (UR19)*
    Note: Finishes marked with a * have a minimum shipping lead time of 3-4 weeks.
    • Dimensions: W18.5 x D18.5 x H17.75 IN.
    • Stool has a weighted bottom to always maintain
      upright position.

    A History of Success
    Founded in Canada in 1966, The Global Group is one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of quality business furniture in the world. Our facilities include more than 40 just-in-time manufacturing and product assembly plants, plus offices, showrooms and distribution facilities.

    The Environment
    At Global we're proud of our pledge to maintain a clean environment. We have long established environmental programs throughout our plants and offices to sustain our 'earth friendly' commitment. The people at Global take every opportunity to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Global warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original end user owns the product or 25 years in the case of a corporate end user. Some time limits apply to certain parts and components. For detailed conditions, refer to the Global current published Price List.

    This warranty covers the following product categories:

    • General Seating
    • Filing
    • Panels
    • Desks, Modular Furniture and Tables

    Free Shipping is to your Dock or Drop Ship delivery to your building or residence. Drop Shipping does not include a lift gate (gets the product off of the truck).  We can usually provide over the 1st threshold delivery or inside delivery to a particular office suite at an additional cost. Please contact our office via email at to obtain a quote for this additional service. (We do not mark up our cost).

    Shipping is usually initiated within 3 to 7 business days of the receipt of a completed order, (one in which the payment has been made or credit approved, any shipping or installation quotations acknowledged and approved, and no outstanding questions or issues are unresolved). Special orders will require an additional amount of time, (usually 3 to 5 weeks). Transit times depend on the relative distances from the various shipping points as well as the carriers used. We provide tracking information which enable you to track your order on-line and obtain an estimated arrival date. Transit time usually runs 3 to 10 business days again dependant on your proximity to the shipping origin.

    • Dimensions: W18.5 x D18.5 x H17.75 IN.
    • Stool has a weighted bottom to always maintain
      upright position.