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    Changing of the Seasons

    Changing of the Seasons

    As the fall season approaches it is important to be prepared for the change in climate and the change in the amount of daylight we have.  Temperatures will start to drop and rain will fall more frequently and will eventually turn to snow.  Below you will see a number of simple tips to help ensure you are not caught off guard by the change in weather.  It is important to be prepared for almost anything Mother Nature will throw at us.

    Sweatshirts and Rain Coats

    Weather can change in a hurry especially when seasons start to change.  The best way to be prepared for this is to always have the appropriate attire available.  Sweat shirt, rain coats, and hoodies are clothing items that most of us have and we often do not utilize them to their potential. These clothing items should always be within reach.  No matter what time of year it is, it is always a wise idea to have an emergency jacket or sweatshirt in the car.  This way if the weather suddenly turns, we are prepared.  The same idea can be used for school aged children.  It is a good idea to ensure that a lightweight jacket or hoodie is available, you can store it in a locker or in their book bag.  Worse case scenario is it is not needed; however, having it available can really come in handy.


    Drive Time

    How many people check the weather report every night before going to sleep? Some people probably do but they would be a minority.  Fall time brings changes in daylight and weather which can greatly impact our commute to and from work.  Make sure to take this into account when deciding when you have to leave for school or work.  Hundreds of people are late every time it rains or snows for the first time because they fail to account for the extra delays that weather will cause.  In addition, the weather could have an impact on how long it takes you to leave in the morning.  When the weather cools down windshields frost and cars will need an extra minute or two to warm up before leaving.  So check the weather and plan your drive time accordingly.  Do not let Mother Nature surprise you.



    The end of summer also markets the end of farming seasons for many crops in North America.  These items can still be found and purchased but they typically are not as fresh or as good. This can have a major impact on our day to day diets.  We might have to change which fruits or vegetables we buy and what types of meals we make.  Do not be caught off guard by the change in availability and taste of certain food products.  Instead take advantage of the different seasonal foods.  Find a local farmers market and see what is fresh and available.  Odds are you will get a better product for less money by doing so.  So take the extra time and think about seasonal foods and start to plan your meals to accommodate the seasonal change.



    The fall season also brings changes to our exercise habits and recreational sports.  The summer usually involved baseball leagues and swimming.  As the weather changes, the season becomes dominated by soccer and football.  This is also the case in the way we view sports.  The National Football League takes center stage in the fall and can dominate Sundays in a way no other sport can.  In addition, college football dominates TV viewing on Saturday and finally high school football owns Friday nights. Even if you do not play football or have a family member who does, many people still support a local team.  These fall sports provide entertainment for many people and change how we live our weekend lives during the season.



    One of the more overlooked changes that a new season creates is the change in wardrobe.  Cooler weather brings a change in the clothing we wear which drastically impacts our individual style.  The end of summer and early fall is a fun time because most stores are showcasing new lines of clothing and as consumers we have a great time shopping for what we like best.  We trade in shorts and tee shirts for long pants and a wide variety of different tops to prepare for cooler weather.  In addition, the type of shoes and socks we wear also changes.  The great part about clothing is it allows us to have our individual styles expressed through what we wear.  The new season is a great way to make changes in your style and a great way to have fun while doing so.


    There are a number of great things about the fall season.  Cooler temperatures, different activities, different food, and different clothing only scratches the surface.  What changes will this fall bring to your life and what changes will it have on your style and hobbies?  One thing is for sure.  We must be prepared for the new season and be ready to embrace all it has to offer.